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Models Take to the Streets

  • Amy Bebbington

Supermodels are shaping the face of the fashion industry both on and off the catwalk. For years the talented high class models have graced the runway wearing the latest innovative designs from unique creatives leaving onlookers green with envy. However, the supermodels individual style is now shot through the lens of a street style snapper who captures the carefully stylised outfits as the models arrive or leave the glamorous event. The explosion of street style shots has given supermodels a fashion status where the beauties provide inspiration becoming an icon or muse to those in awe of the modelling scene.


Most supermodels naturally become icons of style through absorbing the countless designs, exquisite pieces and innovative creations that has become common place in their working life. Constantly surrounded by the current trends and concepts that transforms the fashion industry dramatically each season ensures that the models develop a killer eye for style. The excitement of debuting a design to the world and having the honour to witness the great unveiling first hand provides a strong fashion sense. To be present and witness the original ideas that will create a phenomenon and a great following is a style lesson like no other: a fashion addiction that allows for models to embrace their inner style with the aid and knowledge of designers at arms reach.


The model street style shots pays homage to the nonchalant, sleek personas that the supermodels embrace. Each outfit is styled with ease and comfort in mind yet the presentation is flawless. An effortless demonstration of when natural beauty works harmoniously with their natural, relaxed style, which is accessible to an impressionable audience. Their outfits represent their passion for style without overdressing for the occasion. An appreciation for fashion and their body shape works together to provide a minimal, contemporary look with a careful infusion of style awareness. Each shot is a confident expression of their love for fashion and style.


As aspiring models it is essential to perfect your individual style through keeping up to date with how the fashion industry is evolving and translating each trend to your own interpretation. Stay true to your own identity by introducing pieces that reflect your own personality rather than attempting to imitate another character, which may feel uncomfortable. When attending fashion shows or shoots simply wear an outfit that shows a true expression of your individual style without overdressing for the occasion. Take inspiration from supermodels who have established themselves and their identity through experience. Do not attend a shoot with a thick layer of make up, 5 inch high heels and a mini dress instead team a pair of biker boots with skinny jeans, leather jacket and basic tee for a cool yet understated vibe; a mere example of how to appear stylish without overdressing. A relaxed, subtle model look has demanded attention from style snappers who are impressed by their naturally fashion led looks and remaining practical for the event ahead. To compliment the overall look the supermodels mostly leave their hair natural to allow for the stylist to create the designers vision. Embrace your love of style yet do not hinder your career as a model.

Street style shots capture the effortless expression of supermodel’s natural style. Their surroundings allow for models to become icons and inspirational muses through accessible looks that are easy to achieve. Models are constantly expressing their love for style by being at the centre of the fashion world and embracing emerging trends at first hand. Their insight allows for models to subconsciously absorb the natural ability to style an outfit effortlessly.

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Posted by Amy Bebbington

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