Is Your Child 3-12 Years Old?

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Those that fall within this age range are perfect for child modelling. With the industry becoming more diverse the kid modelling landscape is starting to reflect society and open their minds to race and disability. The main aspect that agents and brands look for is a child’s personality as working in front of a camera, regularly meeting new people and performing takes a certain type of character. Find out if your child has what it takes.


Is Your Kids Personality Suited to Modelling?


Does your child love being in front of the camera? Lets face it the majority of roles will include posing for a photographer at a photoshoot. Therefore, a happy, fun character will be perfect and will come across well on screen. If you look at child model images you will notice that most of kids are laughing joyfully or smiling from ear to ear. Brands like to capture the playful, innocence of kids. Therefore, if your child freezes in front of the camera it might not be the career for them.


At a young age children are expected to have a certain level of maturity and independence from their parents. Although their mum and dad will be insight at all times, ultimately they are required to pose alone in front of the camera. Think about it, there are not many child model pictures with their parents in too. Therefore, from three years old they need to be able to carry that part out alone. A clingy child will have issues with this aspect of modelling.



A child needs to possess a large amount of confidence to cope in the modelling industry. Monitor how they act in the playground. Are they sociable, talkative and friendly to others around them? This will show what their confidence is like when meeting new people and in a new situation. The modelling industry will present new opportunities all the time and a child needs to be able to cope. Also, do they enjoy being in the limelight and in front of the camera alone. This is a huge part of modelling that children this age need to enjoy as a dislike for the limelight will show in the pictures.


When at a photoshoot or fashion show the day may be long and even dull at times with a lot of waiting around. Also, having their hair styled and outfits chosen requires patience and calmness. If your child has a low concentration and a short patience span modelling may test their character. Assess how they react in day to day life. – getting dressed in the morning etc – to really see if they have the patience for modelling.  


Finding a Trustworthy Child Model Agency

If your child possesses all these traits and you think they will be perfect for the industry its time to find a suitable agency. As the parent is down to you to carry out the research and separate the good from the bad. Investigate online to gain an understanding of what they offer. Be wary in they ask for a large amount of money and when given a contract do not sign anything that you do not fully understand. Give them a call to find out if they do have a legitimate office and look at what brands they are working with.

When you meet you will gain a good understanding of the kids modelling agency and only proceed if you are 100% sure. You are the voice for your child and will be making all the decisions on their behalf so make sure they are the right ones. Never rush or act on excitement as each decision should be considered and well thought out.

Child Modelling Casting Calls

Once signed to an agency you will receive calls with dates of a casting for your daughter or son to attend. Ask a lot of questions to gain a good understanding of who the casting is for to gauge whether it is suitable. Most child modelling jobs will be for clothing brands for their newest products or latest campaigns but it is important to check first.

At the casting they will meet your child to see a glimpse of their personality and if their look will suit the vision of the shoot or show. They may take a picture to see how they photograph also. It will be over quite quickly yet the wait to be seen may be much longer. Again patience is a good trait to have. Also, if your child is getting nervous try to explain that it is a way to see if the pairing fits and its nothing to worry about if they don’t get it.


River Island Leads the Way

Recently, River Island shot a campaign that championed diversity. These types of campaigns rarely feature those aged between 3-12 years old and focus more on adults. However, River Island leads the way celebrating diversity in children. Their advertisement features children who all have a disability to showcase that everyone can model. The models are aged between three and ten and have conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy and eyesight issues.

The inspirational River Island campaign demonstrates that everyone can be a model despite the restrictions put upon him or her in society. Those who have Downs Syndrome or cerebral palsy will look at the photoshoot and feel inspired that they can achieve their dreams too. The campaign shows that these children are not a label of their disability. They are a person too who has dreams and aspirations. Rather than focusing on the things they can’t do, its time to start focusing on what they can do.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the high street brand has collaborated with the international anti-bullying charity, Ditch The Label, to show that ‘labels are for clothes, not kids.’  

It is truly inspiring that brands are becoming more diverse providing opportunities for a wider range of children. Hopefully, this approach will continue to inspire young kids from around the world.

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