How to Promote Yourself as a Model

  • Freya Hill

To give yourself the best chance of finding work in the modelling industry, think about creating a killer promotional pack! We suggest this includes a portfolio, Z-cards and an eFolio, all of professional, industry standard. Setting up a social media profile is pretty important too.

A Model Portfolio


We’re sure you know what a portfolio is by now but bearing in mind its importance to a modelling career, we will go over it again! A portfolio is a model’s book of photographs that shows them in different poses, outfits and styles of hair and make-up. Models encourage potential modelling agencies, employers and photographers to look through their portfolio as it illustrates how photogenic and talented they are in front of the camera. Although it is not imperative for a model to have a portfolio, models who do have them give themselves far better chances of impressing employers as it demonstrates their modelling skills easily and professionally.

We are leading portfolio specialists and work with thousands of men, women and children each year to create industry standard books. We are able to offer you a personalised service and approximately four hours of studio time (to give you a variety of hair and make-up styles photographed against different backdrops) and then produce a smart, working portfolio for you. Our portfolio services are explained in greater detail on our website.




This is the industry’s term for ‘model business cards’. Think of a standard business card – a small rectangular sheet that’s got your name and contact details on it – and then add a few photographs of yourself and your model statistics. Now you have a Z-card. Models carry these cards with them at all times in case the opportunity arises to swap details with someone in the modelling world. Rather than writing their number on a scrap of paper, they can pass over a professional card including their contact information.

If any model visits us at UK Models for a portfolio photoshoot, we automatically offer them the Z-card service. We encourage fashion models to choose the photos that go onto their card and we will offer our professional advice as to which ones we think are most suitable.

An eFolio


This is an online portfolio. Scrap the book and upload everything to the web, and there you go! One personalised web space dedicated to a model’s career. Again, this is another strand of our services (hence we’re known as the leading model support service in the UK) and one we take great pride in. Our eFolio’s are easy to navigate around and incredibly smart to look at. Each one displays a selection of professional pictures, a model’s name and their statistics. Not only that but each site also has a built in contact form so potential clients can submit their details straight to the model’s inbox.

UK Models Can Help

These three services are tried and tested so it gives us great pleasure to offer them to all new models looking to promote themselves and launch their career. We are very passionate about supporting aspiring models in making those first steps in the industry. Are you ready to explore the endless opportunities of finding modelling jobs? If you’re sat there feeling excited by that prospect, pop onto our website and send us a quick (and free) application form. One of the guys or girls from our New Faces team will get back to you if they see potential. It’s as simple as that!

Remember, you will only get as much out of the industry as you put in so it’s important to promote yourself properly. If you’re signed to a model agency a lot of this promotion will be done for you and will use their connections to book casting calls for fashion shows. You never know you might be hired for New York Fashion Week. The possibilities are endless if you get yourself out there. However, if you are a freelance model you won’t receive the perks of the agency. You will need to clued up on self promotion. For more information on becoming a freelance model and if it is right for you, read our Freelance Model blog.

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