How to Look Less Tired for Modelling Photoshoots and Casting Calls

  • Melissa Keen

Looking fresh-faced is vital for a model, but with castings starting at 7 am and shoots sometimes starting even earlier, it’s no surprise that many people find it hard to master the art of looking less tired.

Fortunately, there are plenty of lifestyle tips and make-up tricks to hide undereye bags and lackluster skin and help you look your best, no matter what you’re up to.

Make-Up Tips to Help You Look Less Tired


  • Try using a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your natural skintone. Dab lightly under the eye and blend either with the fingers, a sponge or make-up brush. Lift the concealer up and outwards.
  • For really dark undereye circles, try using a corrector before using a concealer. Your corrector colour will depend on the shade of your skin and the appearance of your bags; speak to a beauty counter professional for advice on finding the right shade for you.
  • Curl your eyelashes to help the eyes appear more open and less tired.
  • Tint the eyelashes, or use mascara to frame the eyes.
  • Run a natural-coloured eyeliner in the inner water line. This brightens the eye in a really subtle way.
  • Pop some highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Avoid thick layers of heavy, matte foundation; opt for a tinted moisturiser instead for a fresh, dewy finish. Don’t forget to apply a light layer of powder to set the forehead, nose, chin and under-eye area.
  • Wear a blusher that matches your natural flush for a youthful glow. When applied in the right way it will lift and brighten your whole face.
  • Brush the brows upwards and keep them set with a brow mascara. This helps give the eyes more visible space, which makes them appear larger.
  • Use brightening eye drops to hide eye redness – ideal fo when you have allergies or haven’t slept much.

Skincare Tips to Help Keep You Looking and Feeling Fresh


  • Having a good, personalised skincare routine will help you keep your skin looking and feeling good year-round, and will help you look less tired, even when you’re running on less sleep than usual. It’s always best to talk to an expert like a dermatologist for the best insight into your skin and which ingredients will work best for you, but a good starting point is to have a good cleanser and moisturiser that work for your skin type. A serum is also an excellent addition as serums work to target specific skincare concerns, like dryness, wrinkles or acne.
  • Always use fresh blades when shaving the face, and make sure to moisturise after.Not doing so can result in ingrown hairs – small, sometimes painful pimples where hairs can’t properly penetrate the skin.
  • Use an eye revitalising eye roller. There are lots of these on the market that contain ingredients like caffeine and hyaluronic acid to keep the area hydrated. The coolness of the eye roller will provide an instant de-puffing effect, so it’s an ideal item to keep in your handbag for when you’re on the go.
  • Try to exfoliate around once to twice a week to slough off dead skin cells and keep the skin looking radiant and young. Liquid exfoliators, such as salicylic acid, are best; try to avoid grainy exfoliators as these can cause more damage.
  • Skin cells renew faster at night, so make sure you take off all your make-up and SPF properly each evening before you sleep.
  • Speaking of SPF… make sure you wear it (preferably SPF50) every day on the face, neck and chest to avoid signs of premature aging.

Lifestyle Tips to Help You Look Less Tired

  • We’ve all heard of the ‘cucumber trick’ – it actually works! In you need to look less tired quickly, grab some chilled cucumber and cut off two slices. Apply these to your eyes and lay back for fifteen minutes.
  • Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep every night. We each need different amounts of sleep to feel our best, but it’s important we have consistent, high-quality sleep to feel and look our best. Getting regular high-quality sleep can be tricky when you’re constantly travelling for work or up early/late doing shoots, so try to schedule in some naps. It’s a good idea to put some eye plugs and an eye mask in your bag just in case you can squeeze in a nap whilst travelling in a taxi or whilst on the plane.
  • As soon as you get up in the morning and go to the bathroom, splash your face with cold water. This can really help to wake you up quickly.
  • Drink lots of water. Water hydrates the body and in turn, keeps skin looking fresh.
  • Avoid lots of salt, sugar and alcohol in your diet. These can all bloat and dull the skin. Enjoy lots of natural foods including fruit and veg.
  • Keep your hair clean and well-maintained. Oily or flat hair can be aging.
  • Try not to rely too much on stimulants like caffeine to give you an energy boost. Instead, try to find healthy, sustainable ways to have high energy. Before a shoot or interview, for example, try listening to your favourite music to give your energy a little boost.
  • Remember to keep some snacks on you for when your energy takes a dive – bananas are a really easy and fast form of nutrients that will help pick you up out of energy slumps.

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