Beauty Models Girls: The Truth

  • Amy Bebbington

Beauty models girls are used to promote cosmetics either through international campaigns or product shots. Sometimes famous models are used to expand the range of the brand with Kendall Jenner becoming the face of Estee Lauder. However, do not be disheartened as beauty labels do also use models from agencies that have not yet raised a celebrity status. These cosmetic brands will seek a suitable model that fits their criteria for the shoot, which constantly evolves depending on the season and product. If you wish to become a beauty model there are factors that you need to consider.


Beauty shots are predominantly close ups and focus on specific areas of the body that the product is targeting. The focus could be on your eyes, face, hair or nails depending on the product promotion. Of course, you will be in hair and makeup prior to the shoot and any blemishes, dark circles or nail chips will be digitally edited yet to land the role you must look the part to begin with. A smooth, flawless complexion, luscious locks and shapely, toned legs are required and will be assessed at the casting. Makeup and moisturiser will need a clear palette, shampoo, conditioner and hairspray will require healthy, thick hair; shaving foam and razors demands smooth, hair free legs; you get the gist!! Therefore, look after yourself in three ways – your diet, beauty regime and exercise routine to be considered for beauty modelling.

beauty models girls

Drink a lot of water to give your skin a healthy, glowing look that will be highly desirable. Breaking out in spots or blemishes will go against you as although the company can digitally remove the red marks and make up will hide the spots to a certain level, it is best to avoid if possible. Of course, everyone gets spots that can not be avoidable yet drinking a lot of water will clear your skin dramatically. Also, a balanced healthy diet is advisable as it will contribute to radiant skin so factor in fruit and veg where possible. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar pick a piece of fruit the majority of the time. Fizzy drinks and chocolatey snacks are a short lived energy burst that should be ate in moderation.


Alongside your healthy diet a good exercise routine is also worthwhile. Toning and staying in shape will make you look and feel amazing. Take up a weekly exercise class that you enjoy as surprisingly exercise makes you feel happier, energised and glowing. Also, when showing your legs for a Venus Gillette shaving ad for example the agents will opt for a set of pins that are toned and shapely!! Another factor to consider is your beauty regime. Do you take your makeup off each night and moisturise? You should! Never sleep in your makeup and wash with a facial wash to clean your skin properly as dirt will cause spots to appear. Make sure that you have a morning and night routine to maintain a fresh, healthy look.

Are you a beauty model girls? Share below your top tips of how you keep your hair, skin and body in good condition!

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