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Working Out At Home

  • Melissa Keen

Stuck in self-isolation? No problem. Don’t worry if you can’t get to the gym – there are plenty of ways to stay fit and healthy while working out at home!


Yoga is an easy and effective way to stay fit if you can’t get to the gym. Not only will it keep you toned and flexible, but it will also help to keep your mind healthy too.

Yoga can easily be done at home. It’s a good idea to invest in a yoga mat (these can cost around £10+) as they are none-slip and a lot of yoga moves incorporate the width and length of the mat, plus they are slightly padded to be more comfortable on your hands, feet and knees.

Workout DVD’s

There are plenty of workout DVDs on the market which can be followed in the comfort of your own home.

There are several downsides to workout DVDs:

  • They are repetitive, which means they become boring quickly.
  • You will quickly adapt to the workouts, meaning your physical progress will plateau and you will stop seeing progress after a while.
  • Celebrities are not experts in fitness, so make sure you do some research if you plan to buy your favourite celebrity’s workout.

The best workout DVDs are those by fitness experts, which will be pre-approved by someone who is properly trained in that field.

Go For a Run

There’s nothing stopping you from going outside for a run. Just be sure not to run in large groups, and remember to stay indoors if you’re showing symptoms of illness.

Running is great for cardio, but can be harsh on joints so you might want to find another form of cardio if you have weak or injured joints.

Buy a Skipping Rope

Working out at home also incorporates those things you can do in the garden. Not skipped since you were 8 years old? Nows the time to get back into it! Plenty of professional athletes love skipping as it’s not only great cardio but it also helps improve stamina as well as coordination and focus.

It’s also incredibly effective. Skipping rope for 1 hour is enough to burn 1,600 calories!


Weights are an easy way to keep fit at home. You can purchase some dumbbells, or use items around the house – a can of beans acts well as a light weight.

Lifting weights, or strength training, is great for a number of reasons. It will help you lost weight, make you stronger, reduce your risk of an injury and increase your balance.

Lifting weights doesn’t mean you’ll get bulky. Start with some light weights and, when those become easy, work your way up. Muscles will become toned and tight, as well as strong.

YouTube is Your Friend

There are SO many excellent workout videos online that you can follow along and work out with. We love Yoga With Adriene, MadFit and Natacha Océane.

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Posted by Melissa Keen

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