Why do models need a good posture?

  • Freya Hill

A good posture can totally change someone’s look. Here’s a challenge for you: stand up and ask one of your friends to take a photograph of your whole body. Take one face on and one side on. Only once you have done that can you read on.

Now, stand up, roll your shoulders back, take a breath in and push your chest forward (without looking unnatural), lengthen your back (which will naturally straighten it) and lift your head and chin up. Now repeat the photo process.

The difference between your first two shots and your second two shots will be amazing. Not only does a good posture decrease the chances of back, hip, neck and shoulder pain, it gives your body a much healthier look, one that photographers love to work with.

Posture is a really important part in becoming a successful model. You have never and will never see Kate Moss or David Gandy slouching in their photographs, nor will you see Lily Cole or Cara Delevingne walking down the runway with hunched shoulders, unless their brief specifically asks them to. Standing straight will give your pictures a much stronger presence, it will make your walk a much stronger one too.


If you look back over your photos you will see a massive difference between the first and second set, but don’t worry, you’ll be amazed at how many other men and women (of all ages) suffer from a bent back and sloping shoulders. Take it as a sign though that you need to do something about it now. Most of us get stuck in this bad position, literally, because of modern day life; we spend such a lot of time working at computers, watching the TV and sitting at desks, all of which cause us to slouch, especially if we’re tired. In turn, our bad seating and standing poses cause us fatigue (muscles have to work harder), tight muscles, pain in our joints and body stiffness. Not to mention an ill looking presence.

To improve your posture, try the following:

  • Make sure your desk and chair are at the right height for working, studying, eating and watching TV at. A chair support positioned at your lower back can really help improve your posture.
  • If you are sat in one position for a long period of time, get up regularly and move about. It will prevent your body from fixing itself into a bad position.
  • Stretch. This helps your muscles to stay lean and not cease up in an unhealthy position.
  • Make sure your body is at a healthy weight. Excess weight causes the body to pull down, thus giving you a bad posture.
  • Every time you notice that your posture is bad, sit up! And if you can’t manage this by yourself, get a friend or family member to nag at you whenever they see you slouching.

All of this will feel terribly unnatural to start with, and if you’ve been slouching for most of your life, we can guarantee people will pass comment on how strange you look when you start walking around with a straight back. After a few months though, your new posture will feel normal and you will look back at your old photos and think to yourself, ‘How on earth did I live like that?!’


Together with feeling healthier, your new posture will increase your chances of modelling success. Models who sit and stand straight look far better in photos than those who slouch, and no photographer wants to shout ‘Sit up!’ every two minutes during a shoot. People who stand straight also exude confidence, thus making them stand out from the crowd.


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Posted by Freya Hill

Freya is been writing for many years on fashion and modelling. Her hands are a bit too wrinkly for a 23 year old and she has worked with MTV, New Look and Vauxhall Fashion Scout.