What to take to a model casting

  • Freya Hill

You’ve been given a time and a date but what on earth are you meant to take with you?! Read on if you’ve been invited to a model casting but have no idea what to stuff into your bag


Model castings are the only time you have to impress a panel of casting agents, designers and photographers so it’s paramount that you give yourself the best chance of success. Therefore our number one piece of advice is to take your portfolio with you.

Why? A portfolio demonstrates your ability and versatility in a matter of minutes with no fuss, waiting around or clothing changes! If your portfolio is of an exceptional standard, anyone at the casting can pick it up, flick through it and instantly gage how you photograph, what you posing styles are like and if you are right for the project brief.


Although portfolios are not imperative, we can 99% guarantee that casting agents and anyone else at the casting table will ask to see your portfolio upon arrival. To avoid looking unprofessional, we suggest investing in one.

If you’re yet to have a professional portfolio made, don’t worry; creating one is a really exciting process and a huge learning curve! Log onto our website and fill in a free application form and if a member of our New Faces team sees potential in you, we will invite you down to our London studios where we can offer our assistance. Prepare for outfit changes, flawless make-up application and photographs from some of the industry’s most talented professionals.

Hand in hand with portfolios, we really encourage models to use Z cards (the model equivalent to a business card). These cards not only have your name and contact details printed onto them, they come pre-designed with your pictures and statistics. Casting agents and photographers find these cards incredibly useful, and if you’re not hired for the particular job you went for, you will find that they will keep hold of your Z card and refer back to it when they have a more appropriate job available. (UK Models provide Z cards for models: you can apply for these in the same way as a portfolio, by sending us a free application form online.)


Girls only, if you are attending a casting (especially a casting for catwalk work) we recommend tucking a pair of heels into your bag. Nothing elaborate and definitely not a pair of shoes you can’t stand up in, these will come in handy if you are asked to walk in front of the panel to show off your catwalk style. Models are expected to do this in heels as that’s what they will be asked to wear on the day. Having a pair of high shoes with you will show you’re forward thinking and taking the role very seriously.

Girls and guys with long hair, we suggest keeping a hair bobble in your back pocket/on your wrist/anywhere within reach. If you turn up at a casting with your hair down, you will undoubtedly be asked to pull it back so that they can see your face shape/ cheekbones/ jaw line etc. It’s no bad thing attending a casting with your hair untied, in fact, if you have beautiful hair it can be a real selling point, just make sure you have a hair tie handy for when they ask to take a closer look or to take a headshot.

Other than that we suggest nothing else, other than the obvious:

  • Confidence
  • A big smile
  • A fresh face
  • Passion

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Posted by Freya Hill

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