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  • Amy Bebbington

Nude modelling is often met with disapproval commonly associated with glamour and porn industries. However, when shot tastefully the natural form is celebrated as a work of art with many creatives opting for nudes or topless shots. The high fashion realm and art world embrace the naked expression as a beautiful art form.

Unfortunately, scam artists have tarnished the concept with predators preying upon young girls. Distinguishing between the two worlds is important for eager hopefuls to avoid regrettable decisions and dangerous situations.

Our guide to nude modelling will help emerging models to understand the difference between art and pornography keeping your dignity and reputation intact.


High Fashion Models Pose Nude

The likes of supermodels such as Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr have posed nude on numerous occasions for high fashion brands and magazines. Some admittedly are full frontal shots exposing their breasts whereas others feature strategically placed arms and hands to cover their modesty. Either way the shots have an air of taste and sophistication published in the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

The models will have been 100% comfortable and confident in their decision to undress for the photographer with mutual respect. Professional photographers will see the muse as a work of art rather than a sexual undertaking – there is a huge difference. Also, large, household names are protected by their trusted team and hugely respected.

Also, remember fashion is very much an illusion. Many models will wear a nude thong to protect their modesty for the duration of the shoot, which is Photoshopped later. Some may even use a body double – do not be fooled as digital editing is very much apart of the nude modelling industry. 


A Different Story for Aspiring Models

For new, aspiring models the scenario is unfortunately very different. Without a household name and little experience new talent can easily become exploited. It is important that you are extremely cautious and operate via the correct channels when approached for nude modelling. Ignore comments and messages on social media as more than likely these are scams hoping to catch a glimpse of you naked.

Many will ask for a Skype meeting or for you to send a photo, which escalates quickly to suggesting for you to undress or for naked images/videos. Their reasons may sound legit with excuses along the lines of ‘we need to see your figure properly’, which gives them a quick moment to take a snap. Never put yourself in this situation and always approach legit model agencies.


Should I Do Nude Modelling?

Opting to take on a nude shoot offered by your model agency or a client that you trust 100% is a personal decision that relies on your confidence and understanding expectations. As you have most likely seen in magazines many models pose topless or nude yet keep their dignity very much in tact. It all depends on the publication, photographer and model whether the end result is tasteful rather than sexually charged.

Here’s a few key points and questions to consider when offered a nude modelling job:

  • Ask a lot of questions to understand the concept and your role within the shoot.
  • Who is the photoshoot for? A lads mag will require very different poses to a fashion or arts publication. Do your research by looking at the types of poses to gauge whether you are comfortable with the type of nudity.
  • Where will the images be published? Make sure there is a model release form in place for control over this aspect.
  • Are you comfortable posing nude in front of a room full of people?
  • Will you be able to wear a nude thong, which will be digitally edited later.
  • Will you regret posing nude in the future? Depending on the type of image, it may crop up in the future as a negative.
  • Once images are uploaded to the internet it is impossible to completely remove from online.

There are a lot of unknowns in nude modelling leaving it up to the agency or model to ask the questions directly. Always take someone with you to the shoot to avoid any dangerous situations. Check their credentials and type of work before agreeing to the role. Never accept a modelling job out of desperation to succeed as your reputation and most importantly your safety will be at risk.

Things to Be Aware of on a Shoot


  • Privacy is a must. Ensure that there is an area for you to get unchanged privately and a robe to use in-between takes. Just because the shoot is nude does not mean you should be expected to parade around starkers. You are a professional and should be treated like one.
  • If the photographer or any one involved tries to touch you inappropriately, make sexual comments or suggestions leave at once. This behaviour is inexcusable and young nude models should not be taken advantage of.
  • Never be pressured to take your clothes off. For example, if the job is for an underwear shoot and you are suddenly asked to go topless, it is more than okay to refuse. You are free to make your own decisions and control the type of work that you deem appropriate.
  • Both male and female models are at risk of being exploited and should be very wary when entering nude modelling. There is more focus in general on young girls yet guys should act cautiously too. Asking a female to pose topless is very different to suggesting for a guy to remove their shirt. The sexualisation of breasts is deemed more offensive and provocative for a woman. However, if a guy feels uncomfortable they should also refuse without explanation.


Looking at many different views on the nude modelling debate, it is extremely tricky for new models. We all witness top models baring all yet their situation is completely different to a new, emerging model. I would suggest to wait a while until you are more established in the industry before taking the plunge. It is too risky in a world led by technology, ratings and likes to damage your reputation. Yet, the most important factor is your safety. Always be cautious and never put yourself in a vulnerable, dangerous situation.

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