The First Transgender Model Agency Hits L.A

  • Amy Bebbington

The first transgender modelling agency is set to open in Los Angeles with six trans women on its books. The establishment is hoping to expand their model list further and raise awareness for the niche in the modelling industry. Their journey began with the opening of a transgender department in their Thailand location last year, which was a controversial move as the very first agency to launch a dedicated division worldwide. Apple Model Management plan to expand their reach and open a specialised transgender model agency in the US. A forward thinking decision that responds to a need in the industry. The agency are aware of how society evolves and are catering for a demand that is desperately trying to be heard. The opening of the modelling agency is the first opportunity for Transgenders to have a support system and a place to be represented fairly in the industry.


The director of the documentary What’s the T?, Cecilio Asuncion, will become the Apple Model Management L.A agency director; an apt role for an individual who is passionate about the treatment of transgenders and how they are represented. He explains: “We see trans individuals as beautiful. Our strong commitment to developing them as successful models is never about quantifying or qualifying their gender. It’s never a question of if they are women or men, it’s about their passion and commitment to being the best possible models they can be.” 

The agency is hoping to increase their model database and seeking applicants who meet their requirements; trans women to measure at 5’8 and trans men with a height of 6′. As Asuncion states  their aim is to ensure that transgender individuals have equal opportunities without judgement or qualification. They do not plan to try to categorise their gender or attach labels yet showcase the beauty of individuals who otherwise do not get a chance in the industry to front campaigns. Apple Model Management L.A plan to offer a supportive network that will make connections and links to those who are open minded and less judgemental. It will be a haven for transgender models to live their dream with the guidance and help from model experts who are passionate for the cause. Cecilio and the team believe that as long as the individual is passionate, determined, committed and serious about their career then that is enough for them without trying to work out if the model is a man or woman.


In recent times, the transgender movement is expanding with Laverne Cox working as an actress and a model paving the way for future hopefuls. It was very rare for transgenders to be represented in the industry and for them to feel alienated in the media yet it appears more and more professionals are speaking out and defending their right to be present in the modelling field. With modelling agencies opening divisions and specialist establishments the fight will be a lot easier with more individuals joining the movement. After all, it is only fair for society to be represented realistically and fairly. Do you agree?   

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