Stella McCartney Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Amy Bebbington

It is an encouraging concept that the fashion and modelling industry can raise funds for important causes through their high profile status. Recently, Stella McCartney and Kate Moss have collaborated on a campaign which will raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. The talented fashion designer has asked loyal friend, supermodel, Kate Moss to front the campaign where the neon pink bra will be captured.


Stella McCartney opens up as to her decision on choosing the supermodel “Kate is a strong feminine woman with a daughter and a husband; a strong family unit. For her it was important to bring awareness to this campaign to keep families together. Women are an integral part of the family unit, they keep and hold families together and are a source of strength.” 

The creative’s words are heartfelt and such a compliment to her model friend. Stella designed a limited edition Gemma Relaxing range in the signature shade for the Autumn/Winter 2014 Lingerie Collection. She is keen to raise awareness through launching underwear that constantly reminds women to remain healthy. With Moss’s high status the reminder is huge demanding attention outside the fashion conscious followers. The campaign will reach international audiences and raise the profile of the disease, which leaves devastation for many and has affected so many lives.


She confirms “I wanted to remind women that when they wear this set, the first thing they put on in the morning, to keep on top of their health and visit their doctor regularly. I wanted it to be the initial starting point of awareness of this terrible illness. Not only does the set serve as a healthy reminder, but it looks great, fits incredibly well and is comfortable and stylish.”

Her aim was to create a luxury product that is desirable to women and will constantly remind ladies to be self aware, check for any changing signs and most importantly book an appointment at the doctors as soon as possible. The BCA pink ribbon was positioned carefully to ensure that the shoot was immediately recognised at first glance. A percentage of the profits raised will be donated to the Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool, UK in which the proceeds will build a new Mammography suite. The new development at the centre will offer Breast Cancer patients early diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The lingerie range is reasonably priced, which is more accessible and will raise more money for the cause. The collection will be available online at, Stella McCartney stores and select department stores.

It is inspirational to witness a collaboration that aims to support a destructive illness and help those suffering. A designer and model with such a prestigious profile can use their position to support and help a worthwhile cause. For aspiring models you may be asked to work for charity events where  percentage of the proceeds will be donated to a chosen charity or cause. It is a rewarding role that you will be honoured to be a part of. Act with the same professionalism as with other roles and embrace the opportunity that your profession can truly help others.

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