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A model’s job is not just to look good in a magazine and on the runway. With the eyes of the world on them, a model must make the effort to always look good.

They may be representing a brand or company, or regularly photographed by the paparazzi; whatever the reason, a model’s off-duty look is almost as important as her on-duty one.

Why Should a Model Look Good Off-Duty?


A model’s looks are their selling point. This means that, even when they are out and about visiting the shops or heading to the airport, they are constantly marketing themselves – whether they like it or not.

Models who represent a certain brand or company must ensure they look good because they are not just representing themselves but another business, too. They may choose to wear the apparel designed or sold by the company they face in order to help promote it.

Models can also use the street as their own personal runway. Models are regularly seen sporting the latest fashion while seemingly off-duty. They may attract the attention of a brand if they are seen wearing it enough.


The rise in social media and gossip magazines means models are constantly followed and papped by photographers and regular fans who see them out in public. Social media means an image can be shared thousands of times in the space of a few seconds. Celebrity photos make paparazzi lots of money and fans enjoy sharing sneaky shots they can take when they see a celebrity out in public.

While this is a breach of a model’s privacy, it is unfortunately a very big part of their job and something they must adjust to. Just like film stars and music artists, successful models must accept that their stardom attracts a lot of attention.

Models are supposed to be the most stunning, attractive people in the world. They perpetuate this notion by sharing make-up free selfies, showing the world how naturally gorgeous they are. Imagine the damage that could be done to their image if they were seen looking less than perfect. While they are only human and obviously have off-days, it is rare to see a model not looking preened and attractive – even if they are just on their way to the gym or local supermarket.

The part of what makes models so attractive is the fact they appear so perfect. Their lives are covetable to everyone else. The public wants to buy into their lifestyles; this is what makes them so good at sales. They could lose this power if they appeared unglamorous or too ‘normal’.

How to Look Like an Off-Duty Model

All models should try to develop their own style, but this can be difficult. Most usually get given clothing by designer brands to wear and do not have much choice in what they wear or how they are styled when at work.

However, their off-duty look is something they do have a say in. This is the time when a model can experiment with fashion and try different looks.

There is no rulebook when it comes to fashion – that’s what makes it so fun and creative. However, most models tend to follow these tips:

  • Light makeup. Off-duty models tend to wear light, comfortable make-up that accentuates their features but isn’t cakey. They must wear heavy make-up in their day-to-day life, so most models like to pair it back when they have the choice.
  • Hair care. Hair always looks styled and maintained, even if they’ve chucked it up into a quick bun. You never see a model with frizzy, unstyled hair. Many have straight hair with a soft wave in it, while more quirky models like Cara Delevingne make bolder choices to reflect their personalities.
  • Basic pieces. The most commonly seen off-duty look is usually made up of basic wardrobe staples. This includes jeans, crops t-shirts (to show off toned abs), low-top trainers, leather moto jackets and oversized blazers.

How to Style Your Outfit Like a Model

A model can make any outfit look high-fashion by making a few simple changes. You don’t have to have expensive designer pieces to look like an off-duty model – you just need to know how to personalise each look.

  • Models have great bodies, so they love to show them off. Crop tops and dresses are a great way to show off long pins and flat tummies.
  • Accessories can make an outfit. A model may team a plain look with a designer bag, sunglasses or statement belt.
  • High-waisted trousers are a great way to make waistlines look small and legs look longer. While models don’t need much help in that category, it’s also a really comfortable way to show off a model’s physique.
  • Low-top white trainers are a model go-to. They look great with most outfits and work in every season.
  • Master athleisure. Models love to run errands wearing leggings and crop-tops teamed with structural pieces like blazers.
  • Monochrome is a great way to look sleek and put together without putting much effort into your outfit.
  • Invest in some comfortable heeled boots. Comfier than stilettos, heeled boots are popular with models because they tone the legs, keep them looking tall and look great paired with jeans, skirts or dresses.
  • Experiment with your sizes. Models love to team oversized baggy hoodies with slim-fitting jeans, or wear huge jackets over workout clothing

Fashionable Models

Once a model or celebrity becomes known for being fashionable, there comes a time when they can wear anything and still be deemed fashionable.

People learn to accept certain people as authority-figures in fashion, and these people can then set trends by wearing items that aren’t necessarily in fashion at that time. It gives them a lot of power; they can choose to wear anything they like and make it a statement.

Famous Models with Great Off-Duty Looks

Bella Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Kendall Jenner

Taylor Hill

Hailey Baldwin

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