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Models with Attitude

  • Freya Hill

The term ‘attitude’ is thrown around the fashion industry a lot. Photographers want to see more attitude. Fashion models are told to show attitude. Sometimes we hear people being asked to tone down their attitude, but how does a girl or guy actually give attitude? UK Models are here to give you some professional advice.

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Attitude Is Everything 

Personality is a vital part of becoming a successful model, in fact, we’d go as far as saying that it’s as important as a good face and clear skin, but attitude, that’s what really sells an item.


Different niches may ask for you to showcase this attitude in various ways in the modelling industry. High fashion, for example, will require a fierce, strong vibe from their top models at fashion shows in New York, London and Paris. The catwalk (and social media) is filled with stern, moody supermodels to give the edge required at fashion week.

Editorial shoots at Vogue also require a sharp attitude wearing top fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Dior. Think of the facial expressions and poses that the likes of Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell give. Makeup artists can add to the drama with their expert techniques. However, commercial modelling will take a more softer approach in their fashion photography. 

The Catalogue Modelling World

However, the area of the fashion world we’re specifically talking about is catalogue modelling. This involves female and male models wearing clothes, shoes, lingerie or accessories to give a customer an idea of how a particular item looks when it’s worn on the body. Ultimately, the model’s job is to sell an item to the consumer. The catalogue world focuses more on reality. Their plus-size range will be modelled on a figure similar to those who buy it. They become role models to those looking for a way to dress and feel confident. It is the stylists job also to sell a particular look. 

If a model looks dull and boring the chance of someone buying the product is slim. Instinctively the customer will see the product, then the model, and then imagine themselves looking equally as plain. Thus, they won’t make a purchase.

If the model shows a bit of attitude though, the chance of the consumer making a purchase is much higher. A model with a bit of attitude looks confident and cool, and who doesn’t want to buy into that look?

There is a fine line though between nailing attitude on the head and giving too much attitude. By going overboard you will come across as a bit scary. Explore our tips for getting just the right amount of attitude across in a photoshoot.

Make It Simple by Working With One Part of Your Body 

A good example of this is using your eyes. Practice in the mirror and try to develop a look that shows you’re confident and cool (but don’t go overboard and start giving the evils). Just like making eye contact in real life situations, having strong eye contact with the camera will give off an enviable attitude.

Lips are another great body part to work with. If you’re in a serious catalogue shoot where big smiles and leaping poses aren’t particularly welcome, try using your lips to hint at your personality. A slightly open mouth will give off a sexy attitude (try not to pout) whilst a little grin suggests a cheeky character.

Learn How to Use Your Whole Body to Your Advantage

H&M are great stores to look at online if you want to see how this is done successfully.

Girls, by holding your hands on your hips and creating eye-catching angles with your elbows you will give off a strong, controlled attitude. To soften the look you may choose to rest one hand on one hip or perhaps lean back/forward a little.

Alternatively, you could try a much more sophisticated model pose that looks especially great if you have a good posture. Stand straight, push your bottom and chest out (but not overly so) and cross one leg in front of the other.

Some models change this up a little by twisting their head to the side or tilting their neck back.

For guys, make the most of your broad shoulders and stand up impeccably straight. Holding your arms at your sides and slightly in front of you will make your muscles more prominent. Or for simplicity, tuck your hands into your pockets and look to the side.

Know How to Soften Your Look 

If you’ve got the ability to look full of attitude just with your eyes, let us tell you; you’re pretty lucky!

For a lot of new models this takes time to develop. In the meantime, try getting attitude across in your pictures by using playful poses. Missguided are a great store to look at for this type of modelling; a lot of their models give off great attitude by putting one hand over their shoulder, tilting their body in the opposite direction to their head, peeping over sunglasses and very often, playing with their hair.

Remember, not every company wants their clothes to be modelled with attitude (just take a look at Zara this season) but when they do it’s important that you can meet their requirements.

If you’re worried that you’ve not got what it takes to master personality and attitude in a photoshoot, don’t worry. By logging onto the UK Models website and filling in a quick application form a member of our New Faces Team can advise you as to whether we think you have what it takes or not to become a model.

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Posted by Freya Hill

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