Models Act with Caution

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It is vital that when approached by an organisation that you investigate into the establishment to find out if they are legit. Discover what companies they are associated with and if they have a strong working relationship. If an organisation has nurtured connections within the industry you will be able to research the links further to uncover more about the company. If still unsure seek advice from industry experts, experienced models or family and friends. A fresh pair of eyes may find a flaw that you have not noticed and have a strong opinion that will help you make the correct decision.

Reputable companies will not contact you via your social media platform as it is not viewed as professional. It is vital for models to act with caution when you receive an offer on social media. Message from an establishment on Facebook or Twitter are unlikely to be legit. For more information click here.

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Amy Willerton Shares Her Story

Amy Willerton has revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a fake beauty pageant organiser in South Korea 4 years ago. Unfortunately, this is an ordeal that many hopefuls may face when trying to succeed within the modelling world. Amy is hoping that by telling her own story others will act more carefully in the future. There are individuals who try to exploit innocent adolescents who do not have the experience to act with caution. Due to the excitement of becoming a model many young people forget to be cautious.

The beauty pageant contestant was invited to take part in a competition in East Asia. She received a message via Facebook after competing in a different pageant in South Korea. However, the Miss Asia Pacific World show did not turn out to be legit with Amy experiencing a scary ordeal.

She explains: “I ended up flying over to a pageant that wasn’t what it claimed to be. I was sexually assaulted out there.”

“There was one occasion where a pageant organiser knocked on my door and tried to pull my top down. That was the worst thing that physically happened to me.”

“I just wanted to get home to my family. I was chased out by the organisers and had to leave by the window. They were saying we couldn’t leave and kept our passports.”

Don’t Put Yourself in Dangerous Positions

The beauty was forced to stand up for herself and escape the hostel. Once she was aware of the fraudulent competition her and two other female competitors fled. It was obviously a very scary time for the model yet she has continued to pursue her career despite the traumatic experience. It has allowed for her to become more wary of the industry and how to research into all avenues. She is keen to bring awareness to the potential dangers within the industry and for young girls to carry out research before putting themselves in an unsafe situation. The beauty was aware of incidents that happen within the industry that she is totally against and would certainly not take part in.

Amy recalls: “I was aware of some scandals incidents where girls were told that if they met certain judges for sex they would win. I was the only girl who stood up and said I would not be part of this.”

Amy states: “This is a traumatising situation that I’ve tried to put out there in an educational format. I want to teach young girls to be more careful when they’re hoping to become models. It can be dangerous if you don’t do your research, and I didn’t on this occasion.”

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