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It’s not common to see models in the high fashion modelling industry above the age of 25. Many catwalk models and those who feature in Vogue editorials are in their late teens and tend to retire or find alternate work as they get older. This is because the industry is notoriously strict about its requirements – and being young is one of them. 

That doesn’t mean that some models haven’t broken the rules; supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are still regularly seen on the runway despite being older. But what sort of career can a fashion industry model over the age of 30 expect?

Famous Models Over 30

– Naomi Campbell

– Kate Moss

– Christy Turlington

– Elle Macpherson (aka “the body”)

– Iman

– Alessandra Ambrosio

– Tyra Banks

How Difficult is it to Get Into Modelling Over 30?

For those looking to get into high fashion, expect to find it incredibly difficult if you are over 30. High fashion typically looks for models around the age of 16 – 23. Obviously, some models have broken the mould, but it is unusual. Most mature female models we see now are past supermodels who found fame in their youth. It’s very uncommon to see a new face older than 30 with no modelling experience whatsoever. 

In commercial modelling, those over 30 years of age are likely to find more success. Young models will have more opportunities, but older models are required to meet certain demands. Models of all different sizes and ages are required for commercial modelling because it is a form of modelling that caters more to everyday people. They therefore need people who look more approachable and realistic for their advertising. 

Any family-orientated brands will look for models over 30 to represent a parent in a family.

The modelling industry is always on the lookout for fresh faces, and the mature model just needs a good modelling agency to represent them to provide them with the best chances of success. 

How to Give Yourself the Best Chance of Success as a 30-Year-Old Model

The best way to find success is to start as young as possible. You should try to gain as much experience as possible to build up your portfolio and practice in front of the camera. 

You should look after yourself, too. A healthy diet and exercise routine will help keep you in-shape, while a decent skincare routine will help prevent premature ageing.

Understanding your age bracket will also help – dressing to suit your current age range and wearing makeup that brings out your natural beauty (rather than masking it) will really help. Dressing like a 21-year-old model will not win you fans or work the majority of the time. Follow similarly-aged celebrities for style inspiration. 

For all models, the best chance of success comes from being determined enough not to give up. It’s not an easy industry for anyone, regardless of age – you need to be tenacious and resilient if you want to succeed. 

Different Types of Modelling

The different types of modelling will affect whether your age will be as much of a factor in your success. 

For example, most fitness models are fairly young. There are a few older fitness models who have managed to break the mould, but they are few and far between. 

Another example is lingerie or swimwear modelling. Again, most models in this genre need to be fairly young. For commercial swimwear, they do require more mature models for catalogues and websites when catering to a slightly older audience. 

Is the Modelling Industry Changing?

While notoriously infamous for being exclusive to the majority of people, we are starting to see a change in behaviours in the world of modelling. Not only are we starting to see more body types (particularly plus-size) in publications and advertising, but we are also seeing more age inclusivity. As this develops, more opportunities should become available to models over 30. 

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