How To Perfect Your Model Walk

  • Amy Bebbington

Do you watch models on the catwalk envious of their strut? Are you secretly wishing that was you stomping down the runway? Well, look no further as we are about to reveal how to perfect your model walk!

Let’s get things straight! Your model walk is highly important if you wish to succeed in the industry and therefore, need to designate time to perfect your strut as believe me, it is not as easy as it seems.

How to perfect your model walk


Rehearsing your model walk is essential to your success as it is a skill that takes time to perfect. To gain confidence and a suitable strut practice a lot before a casting where you will be asked to deliver your model walk. Designers are very selective and will only hire those who perform outstandingly. Do not embarrass or earn a bad impression by thinking that you can simply deliver a perfect model walk without practising your strut. Taking this task seriously is highly important and therefore, rehearse wearing different footwear and moving at various speeds to be prepared for all eventualities. Designers all have different ideas and expectations and therefore, creatives will be impressed if you can deliver without hesitation.

How to perfect your model walk


Seeking advice from others is a fantastic way of improving your walk. Whether it be a professional such as your agent or a model expert, a close friend or relative the guidance will be extremely beneficial. From an outside perspective the chosen individual will be able to give you constructive criticism that you are unable to notice. It is worthwhile taking their advice on board to see if their pointers do improve your model walk significantly. If you disagree entirely with their words of guidance simply decline politely. Yet if the advice is from a casting agent do listen as this could affect the deciding vote.

How to perfect your model walk


Do not immediately jump to defence as throughout your career you will be given crucial advice that needs to be listened to. No model has perfected their runway walk without support and guidance from others. Be grateful and absorb all information as these small hints and tips could land you the catwalk role of your dreams. Those who have walked for the likes of Victor & Rolf, Alexander McQueen and Givenchy all would have listened carefully to the guidance given at the early stages of their career. Therefore, do not dismiss a small piece of advice due to ignorance or pride as it may benefit you in the future.


Watch carefully how a professional model walks on fashion week videos that are uploaded to websites such as Vogue, Elle Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. By observing supermodels on the catwalk you will be able to mirror their leg movements, hip action, shoulder leads and body awareness when storming down the runway; a perfect strut involves and affects all areas of your body. It is an ideal opportunity to perfect your walk that prior to the Internet phenomenon was not possible. Therefore, take the unique chance to analyse different models walks to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

It is your hard work that will produce a superb model walk that cannot be faulted. Good Luck!!!

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