How To Know What To Expect At A Casting

  • Amy Bebbington

Castings are an extremely important factor in a models career and it is vital that all hopefuls make a great first impression to secure the role. The main goal of a casting is for designers or designated organisers to meet with potential talent in the hope of finding the perfect candidate for their fashion show or campaign. A huge amount of models will be invited to attend and the casting jury do not have much time to make a decision. Therefore, it is up to the eager model to impress and follow direction to be in with a chance of success. It is a difficult, sometimes harsh process to live through as rejection is high and if you are not exacty what they are looking for you will not be hired. Designers have a strong particular vision and unfortunately, if you do not meet the criteria there will be little room for negotiation. Models will spend a lot of time attending castings in the hope of securing their big break. Not sure about castings? Gain insight with the pointers below……….


What to expect at a casting………..

So you have been contacted by your agent or arranged yourself to attend a casting yet like many young models you have no idea what to expect. Don’t worry it is natural to feel uncertain and nervous about what lies ahead. You will be asked to arrive at the venue at a certain time, maybe with your portfolio. Upon arrival locate the floor and room that you are expected to be at by notifying the reception desk or an individual in charge of organising the models. Don’t worry there will be someone waiting to usher you around. There will most likely be a queue of models for you to join until your turn arrives. You will be called into the room where 3 or 4 professionals from the company will be sat to evaluate your suitability to the role. You may be asked to demonstrate your runway walk, pose for an image or hand over your portfolio for them to look through. You will be then dismissed and have to wait for a phone call to be told the outcome. A quite simple process with a high importance.

What to wear……….

The casting organisers may specify what you wear but in case they don’t keep it very simple. A pair of jeans or leggings and a top will suffice to avoid distracting from your appearance. Anything too fussy may go against you so remain minimal. Also, keep your hair and make up very natural to show your raw beauty rather than piling on the foundation or eye shadow. Organisers wish to see a blank canvas that they can work with and create their vision. Elaborate hairstyles and heavy make up appliance will disrupt their ability to imagine you in a certain way. Wear shoes that you feel comfortable in as tripping or falling may ruin your chances.


How to make a good impression…………

To be successful at a casting it is important that you make a great first impression. Arriving on time to avoid keeping the organisers waiting is crucial to the verdict. Being late will earn you a bad reputation and your chance of getting the job. Plan your route in advance to learn of any hold ups that you may face. Predict unreliable public transport and peak times to avoid looking flushed and panicked on arrival. Your attitude also goes a long way so remain positive, professional and enthusiastic at all times throughout the casting to be perceived as a perfect candidate. A negative, arrogant and rude model will not be successful.

Good luck at all your castings! Need any more advice, comment below. 

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