How to Kick Start Your Career in Modelling in 2019

  • Amy Bebbington

Happy New Year! The turn of the year is always a time of reflection. The achievements, failures and happy times that made 2018 (or any other year) the best yet or unfortunately, in some cases, the worst! For many, the first day of the year is a time to set new resolutions, goals and challenges for themselves. A fresh start. What are you dreams for 2019? If you are hoping to start or develop your career in modelling there is no better time than now.

Take a look at these top tips on how to start your modelling career in the video below.


Set Realistic Goals

It is tempting to set too many goals with spirits high. Your enthusiasm to make 2019 your year to become a successful model can put too much pressure on yourself. Yes, the passion for starting your career is fantastic yet be kind to yourself. Write down a short list of realistic goals that you will take time to accomplish rather than a long, overwhelming list of ideas.


For example, first on your list may be to get signed by an agency. Five little words that in reality, is pretty tough in a highly, competitive industry. The research, application process, photography and building confidence takes a much longer than you might expect. Rushing each of these may lead to disappointment as you haven’t put much thought and consideration into it. This one point has suddenly escalated into four!

All of the following ideas will help for you to become signed to a modelling agency. Each are manageable and realistic to guarantee small successes putting you on the correct path for modelling.

Set up an Exercise Regime

A new year cliché that has the regular gym goers frustrated. Most after the indulgence of Christmas attend exercise classes to shed a few pounds with many tailing off after a few weeks. However, make sure that you choose a class that you love to motivate your weekly attendance. Not only will you start to feel more confidence in yourself and combat anxiety but start to tone up, which is a demand in the modelling industry.

We do not advise becoming obsessed with losing weight in the hope of becoming a model. It is regularly documented that supermodels look dangerously thin – a worry to many. Those who have been asked to slim down to a worryingly slim frame later speak out sharing their unhappiness. It is not natural and many are fighting against this attitude of weight loss. Therefore, regularly attend the gym or classes numerous times a week to be fit and healthy rather than excruciatingly thin.

Pay Attention to Your Social Media Profile


If towards the end of last year your social media profile took a back seat, 2019 is the time to spend more time creating a feed that promotes your talent. Alternatively, if you don’t have social media accounts, create one today! Instagram is the perfect platform for showcasing your modelling career and fun lifestyle. The carefully curated grid has become an online portfolio for most female and male models, influencers and bloggers. Agents do actually look on Instagram seeking model potential. Facebook and Twitter are also valuable resources for promoting yourself.

Don’t expect for immediate success. As with anything it takes time to achieve your goal. Make sure you put the hours in to present yourself positively and professionally on social media. It is also important to stay safe whilst using these profiles. Unfortunately, predators do scour profiles in the hope of scamming a young, naïve individual. Make sure you always investigate a comment or message further to check for legitimacy.

Eat Healthily

To compliment your new exercise regime, it would be wise to think about your eating habits. Remember everything should be in moderation. Don’t consider any quick fix diets or crazy schemes yet simply eat healthily with a few treats here and there. Look for recipes that are healthy and increase the amount of water that you drink. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet will help create a flawless complexion that will be much appreciated by lots of people in the fashion industry. Quit smoking also, as the bad habit is damaging to your health including your skin and teeth.

Apply to Model Agencies


A big one on the list is getting signed to a model agency. It is not easy and will take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieving your resolution. Only the most committed and persistent will survive the industry. Luck also has to be on your side, the phrase being in the right place at the right time springs to mind. The first thing for aspiring models to do is research the modelling agencies within your niche. Create a list that you feel are suitable and trustworthy and find out how to apply. Many will have an application form on their website and dates where you are able to attend a go see. The latter is instant interaction with the modelling agency where they will honestly say if you are successful or not. The application process is longer where new models will have to wait for a response, which may not arrive at all as the agents are extremely busy. Either way 2019 is the year to put yourself out there and achieve your goals set at the beginning of the year.

Decide which niche you are most suited to. Agencies specialise in different types of modelling such as commercial modelling, plus-size, lingerie, swimsuit etc. Those wishing to grace the catwalk at London, New York, Paris or Milan Fashion Week need to be signed by a high fashion agency who will set up casting calls once you are on the books.

Organise for Professional Photographs to be Taken

Whether the professional photographs are head shots to attach to your agency application or images to build up a modelling portfolio to showcase your talent, make sure this coming year that you plan time to organise a photographer for a photoshoot. This may be through a model support service like UK Models or via an independent photographer. Do remember that these services cost so saving money is non negotiable. If friends and family are footing the bill then go ahead and find a trustworthy photographer who will capture professional shots. However, if you are paying it might take time to save up. Don’t feel disheartened, these shots are extremely important to your modelling career so only high quality, professional photographs will do. See this as a long term goal and do not be tempted to use amateur selfies to apply to agency. You don’t want to ruin your chances.

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