How to Be a Hand Model

  • Melissa Keen

Do you have attractive, unblemished hands? You might have the potential to be a hand model. Read on to discover everything you need to know about hand modelling.

What is a Hand Model?

A hand model is a model who works primarily with their hands. They are considered to be a part of the body-part modelling category, usually within commercial modelling but often used in high-fashion too.

Hand models are used when close-up shots are required to market items found on or near the hands, for example jewellery or nail polish.

Hand models tend to have more work than other body-part models because hands can feature in images required for numerous types of campaigns. For example, hand model-turned actress, Christina Hendricks, was used for the cover of film ‘American Beauty’.

What Do You Need to Be a Hand Model?

It goes without saying, but you must have elegant and attractive hands to be a hand model. Both men and women can be hand models, though women tend to get more work because there are generally more products aimed at women’s hands.

Your fingers must be long and elegant. Nails must be clean, well-maintained, unstained and manicured.

There should be no jewellery marks on the skin, and no other obvious markings.

The skin of your hands must be clear of blemishes or marks. This means no moles, hairs, freckles or scars.

How to Look After Your Hands

It is very difficult to be a full-time hand model and most hand models also dabble in other forms of modelling or have other part-time jobs.

Hand models must be scrupulous about their hand hygiene and maintenance. This can mean missing out on some social engagements as keeping hands protected can be a big job for professional hand models.

A hand model must protect their hands from being scratched bruises, marked, burnt or otherwise harmed. A small scratch can put a hand model out of work until the mark has healed. As we use our hands for so much, this can be a difficult yet necessary rule to follow.

Hand models also have regimes designed to maintain their skin and nails. This includes regular exfoliation, moisturising and SPF application.

How to Get Into Hand Modelling

Getting into hand modelling is similar to getting into any form of modelling. The best way is to find an agency who can represent you and find you opportunties.

Finding an agent is simple now thanks to the internet. You can apply to as many agencies as you want, as many times as you want. Try to apply to agencies who work with body-part models as these will likely find more work opportunities for you.

Another way to get noticed is to use social media platforms such as Instagram. Brands notice accounts that have a high number of followers and have high post engagement. Sharing your own modelling pictures on Instagram along with the relevant hashtags may help you find work.

You also need a good modelling portfolio full of hand images to help you succeed. Your portfolio will contain modelling images you have had taken in the past. If you don’t yet have any modelling experience, it’s a good idea to hire a professional photography studio to take them for you. Take lots of different images and include lots of angles. You want to show prospective agencies and brands that you are a flexible, professional and have lots of potential.

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