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Girl Models Find Success on Instagram

  • Amy Bebbington

It seems like the fashion industry is a young persons world with high fashion and commercial modelling favouring potential in their late teens and early twenties. The face of fashion is led by fresh-faced girls who walk the runway at fashion weeks, front new campaigns and promote high street brands.

Every teen aspires to join the insta-pack and their supposedly glamorous life of photoshoots, parties and gracing the runway. However, it takes a lot of commitment, dedication and hard work to carve a successful model career. Join us as we talk you through the life of the girl models that many envy and strive to be.

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It’s All about Insta-models

It has been said that the Instagram model is the new supermodel. Technology has replaced the clique of the 90s bringing a new era of models to the industry. A huge following, popularity and being the ‘It girl’ is super important in the modelling world.

Brands look to Instagram to decide which girl model they would like to work with. Talent with a large follower count will be hired to promote their latest designs or product. The right mix of humour, backstage footage and campaign shots lure fans to their profile building a social media empire many aspire to be. The goal is to be Instagram famous always attracting new followers.

In a society that craves attention and instant gratification, social media allows for models and celebrities to become reachable. The likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Adriana Lima and Cara Delevingne become almost a friend to their Instagram followers.


Staying Safe on Social Media

However, this new, exciting platform is an easy way for predators to disguise themselves as a modelling agency looking for emerging talent. Some legit model scouts may find potential on Instagram and leave a comment to contact the agency. It is important to remember that those lucky few that are spotted in this way will be contacted by a top organisation that is known worldwide.

Do not meet up with individuals from social media without carrying out extensive research and taking a relative or friend with you. Many mistake the community of Instagram users as real friends yet in the modelling industry the profile is used to lure young, impressionable minds.

Do not keep secrets and ask for advice if anyone contacts you via direct message or comments on your images. Many agencies are inundated with applications and do not have the time to scroll through Instagram accounts. There, of course, have been exceptions yet please act cautiously when using the social media platform.


Girl Models to Follow on Instagram

Even though the list is endless of all the models that we would recommend for you to follow, we’ve narrowed it down to just a few. These young ladies balance professionalism with playfulness perfectly – go check them out!

Line Brems

Danish model, Line Brems, is no stranger to the runway since her debut at New York SS15 and a few quirky Instagram posts. Her profile documents hanging out with friends, going to festivals, hair styling before a show and killin’ it on the catwalk.

Sara Sampaio

With 5.5m followers, Victoria’s Secret model, Miss Sampaio knows how to please fellow ‘grammers. Her grid is a series of backstage selfies, red carpet poses, holiday shots and of course, her modelling successes.

Soo Joo Park

This bleached blonde super cool creative posts artsy imagery to her Instagram profile. An edge that attracts an army of fashion fans who enjoy her account of unusual findings alongside her modelling debuts.

Bink Walton

Another cool kid to make you giggle your way through the week is American model, Binx Walton. Bringing humour, fun and a playful edge to her social media profile, she sure has earned her huge following since joining the modelling scene a few years ago.


New Faces for 2017

Each season a new flock of models hit the runway making fashionistas stand to attention. A fickle natured industry that craves shiny, new, young talent to model their latest crazes. Every top agency, director and photographer are all on the prowl to scout a striking girl to dazzle the industry; 2017 is no different.

The AW17 shows carved a new generation of models delivering a new sense of coolness to the fashion scene. Watch out for Abigail Leigh, Aiden Curtiss, Aleece Wilson, Elizabeth Ayodele and Sohyun Jung this year: to name just a select few. There are also plus-size models and body activists who provide a positive message to young girls.

Who Are Cover Girl Models?

Scrolling through these gorgeous Insta accounts many cover shots crop up with girls fronting either Vogue or W Magazine. Being chosen to feature on the front cover is a huge compliment for every female model – a sign that you have truly ‘made it.’

Shooting a cover is a measure of their success in such a competitive industry. It doesn’t get any better than working for an elite publication that you truly admire wearing top designer names such as Burberry, Calvin Klein and Prada.

How Much Do Girl Models Make?

This is a tough question to answer with so many variations and scenarios to account for. Unfortunately, many young, emerging models can be taken advantage of in the fashion world with very little pay. Some are paid in clothes, others receive a one off sum and many can expect a small amount per show.


The reality is harsh and it mostly falls to the model themselves to stand up for a fair wage. Yet, many naive, innocent hopefuls feel intimated and lucky to ask for more. Make sure you are represented by a legit agency who will campaign for the correct amount on your behalf.

On the flip side, as a model makes a name for herself, designers will pay a fair sum for her work. Remember that the industry is very flexible and does not provide the opportunity for a stable schedule. Therefore, a wage may need to last a while before the next income arrives.

Also, Instagram influencers with a huge following can make a lucrative career out of advertising brands on their feed. The bigger the statistics to show the company the more money you can invoice for. Think of the Kardashian’s. Again, there is no set salary and a lot of your earnings depends on your following, number of likes and comments, which can vary due to algorithms.

How Tall Are Girl Models?

The Insta-crew are all legs! Think Australian model, Miranda Kerr. Gisele Bundchen and Candice Swanepoel are also known for their pins. Therefore, if you are striving for high fashion, models are expected to be 5’9”- 5’11” as the young, waif-like figure is desired by the industry. Since height is less of an issue, the average commercial print model measures at 5’7” tall.

There are some exceptions and petite modelling is a legit niche within the industry. However, shorter individuals are not typically hired for high fashion.

Girl Models with Tattoos

We couldn’t spot any cool ink on the model ‘grammers. Models with tattoos do exist within the industry yet it could limit your work considerably depending on the artwork you choose. Large, prominent tattoos will go against you as it may not fit in with the vision of the collection.

It seems like it is acceptable for male models to feature tattoos on the catwalk than girls. Since the desired look for guys is to possess a more alternative edge, artwork is deemed appropriate.

The Insta-Crew Lead the Way


In conclusion, the industry is led by a clique of Insta-models who showcase their life via social media. Images such as behind the scenes of Paris Fashion Week will regularly appear. The right mix of photographic documentation can attract a huge following of fans and designers alike. Therefore, it is certainly the new way of building a successful career in a technology driven world.

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