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Do You Have the Face for Beauty Modelling?

  • Amy Bebbington

Do you enviously look to beauty campaigns wishing that you were fronting L’Oreal Paris or Maybelline New York? Are you unsure what the cosmetic industry looks for in a model face and are unsure who to approach? It is natural to have all these worries and concerns about your future in a competitive, judgemental industry. Do not let your insecurities affect your dream of working in the beauty arena as new talent is sought after on a daily basis in an evolving world.

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Take a look at our 5 pointers as to what qualities beauty models should have to be successful.

beauty modelling

Facial Features

Most cosmetic brands look for an accessible, symmetrical face with even features. With many shots zooming in directly on the face to promote the latest foundation, mascara or moisturiser, beauty brands require a cute, petite nose, striking, even eyes and sensual lips; all proportionate to the slim, shaped face and defined cheekbones. The beauty industry does not typically seek a unique look of high fashion but a more accessible, natural look.

beauty modelling

Flawless Skin

It is important for beauty models to keep their face flawless and glowing via a healthy diet. The camera captures close up shots and requires for models to have the best complexion possible. Yes, spots and blemishes can be photoshopped but if you try to reduce the amount you will find more success. Do introduce a healthy attitude to your lifestyle if you are thinking of becoming a cosmetic model.


Facial expressions through the eyes and mouth are essential in the beauty industry. A beautiful smile or alive eyes are required to capture a good shot for the brand. It is essential that you are able to deliver emotions via facial expressions as the camera is focused solely on your face. It is a difficult skill to master yet with practice you will find it easier to deliver on the day.

beauty modelling

Luscious Locks

For beauty models who promote shampoo, conditioner or moose will require a full, voluminous hairstyle. A thick head of hair will promote the product over dull, lifeless hair. Ensure that you look after your locks by getting regular cuts, using the correct products for your hair type, eliminating the amount of heat and hair dye applied. Your tresses will be styled accordingly on the day yet, the stylist requires a good base to work with.


It is vital that you possess confidence when becoming a beauty model. The focus is solely on you and a lot of the shots are a close up of your face. Therefore, any nervous grimaces, twitches or shyness will be detected on the captured result. Ensure that you relax your expression so that you appear natural and happy on the shot. A tense face will not deliver and the image will be difficult to capture.

Do you have any top tips for beauty models? What did you do to succeed in the competitive industry? Share your experience and thoughts below………

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