Everything You Want to Know About Being a Plus-Size Male Model

  • Melissa Keen

Plus-size male models are becoming a big deal in the fashion industry. While women’s plus-size modelling has been popular for over 10 years, men’s plus-size modelling has seen a slower rise in demand. However, thanks to brands like Savage Fenty X (by Rihanna) and ASOS, plus-size men are finally seeing the same success as women. They can now often be seen in magazines and on the runway.

Inclusivity and Body Positivity 

Body positivity and body diversity are very important, but they have been sadly missing from the modelling industry for quite some time. The industry is infamous for its strict requirements, it has left little room for anyone who doesn’t meet these standards. That means a huge demographic has not been represented on the runway or in publications for a very long time. 

The modelling industry has always seen women receive more success than men. Plus-size women have been enjoying a rise in demand for a number of years, but plus-size men have struggled to get a look-in. That is, until recently. 

Over the past 5 years, plus-size men have finally been given the chances they deserve to be noticed in modelling. We are starting to see people celebrating body diversity, leading to better mental health and a sense of inclusivity and more representation in the mainstream media. 

What is a Plus-Size Male Model?

Plus-size doesn’t just refer to someone who is curvier. It also refers to tall men who are above the industry average, or who has broader shoulders. The modelling industry, in particular high fashion, has always been incredibly strict about what it will and won’t accept. Male models over a certain height, or those who don’t fit into a standard jacket, won’t have had possibilities before. But now, we are seeing more and more modelling agencies accept plus-size male models. 

Plus-Size Divisions

Modelling agencies have even started to create specific divisions for those who don’t meet the “regular” standards. Female plus-size divisions have been a thing for a while, but male plus-size divisions – known as ‘brawn divisions’ – are relatively new. They give plus-size male models a chance to get signed and find more modelling work.

Plus-Size Male Models in the Media

– Zach Miko

– Steven Martin

– Scott Bayliss

– Kelvin Davis

– Nemar Parchment

– Bruce Sturgell

What Are the Requirements for Plus-Size Male Models?

The requirements for plus-size male models aren’t very clear. They change depending on which modelling agency you look at, and which brand. 

This is both a good and a bad thing. It means that your favourite agency might have strict requirements. But it also means that other agencies will have different thoughts and opinions, giving you more of a chance. 

Do your research beforehand to figure out which agencies you suit best. Make these agencies a priority when applying. Keep track of who and when you applied to, and remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to re-apply in another 6 months or so if you don’t hear anything back. 

Getting Into Plus-Size Modelling

As well as being smart about who you apply to, you will need an excellent modelling portfolio. This will help you stand out from the competition and show off your experience and expertise. 

If you don’t yet have any modelling experience, don’t panic. It’s a good idea to volunteer for a couple of jobs just to build your portfolio of work. You can also look into hiring a photographer for a professional photoshoot. This will give you valuable experience in a proper setting, and you’ll also be given the opportunity to purchase your favourite photos at the end of the shoot for inclusion in your portfolio. 

Advice for Aspiring Male Plus-Size Models

– Give your exposure a boost by having a good social media presence. Instagram and TikTok in particular are great places to start.

– Be ready to travel a lot if you don’t live in a major city like London. 

– Networking is vital, so be kind and courteous to everyone you meet, especially when working.

– Get as much posing practice as you can. The more comfortable you are posing and the better you understand your body, the better.

– Try to attend every audition and casting call that you are invited to. Doing so shows you are serious about the profession. Not doing so makes you look flakey and will result in your competition being more highly valued. 

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