Everything You Need to Know About Brand Repping

  • Amy Bebbington

Have you been growing your social media following in the hope of becoming a clothing brand rep? There is no better time than now with Instagram accounts in particular becoming very popular.

Models are growing huge followings reaching in the thousands and even millions. Fans are obsessed with their lifestyle and love getting a sneak peak into the world of modelling.

With the world become led by digital devices, the fashion industry is responding with many using models as brand ambassadors. Find out how to become a brand rep with our top tips.

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But What is Brand Repping?

Fashion brands look for Instagram feeds with a large following to promote their designs. Clothing lines looking for reps will search social media and find a representative for their brand.

Models will receive free products to professionally photograph and post to their account. The aim is for their followers to see the tagged post and buy the product. The model will either be able to keep the products as payment or receive a wage for the collaboration. The latter is a much better agreement but it does depend on your following and potential reach.

Another way is for the brand enthusiast to receive a large discount on a product and again share on Instagram. This is a great way to build a relationship with the label to become a brand rep.


What are Brands Looking For?

Of course, all brands are unique and may be looking for something in particular. However, generally designers and labels do look for similar qualities when searching for a social media brand rep. 

  • Quality – Photographs uploaded to social media should always be of high quality and to a professional standard. A brand needs to be impressed by your imagery to rely upon you to produce quality content when working with them. 
  • Engagement – They will look for an Instagram account that engages with its followers through likes and comments. Try building a community of followers that interacts and you can build a conversation with. Always like and reply to comments to encourage them to reply or comment again next time. Using the correct hashtags is also a great way to increase engagement. 
  • Presentation – Make sure the grid flows and works together. Clothing brands looking for brand ambassadors look for a neat, tidy and appealing feed when searching for a successful partnership. 
  • Authenticity – Brands look for accounts that already suit their style so the products don’t look forced on the squares. A genuine relationship as an ambassador is key. The best brands are the ones suited to your personal style. 
  • Friendly – It is important that when dealing with a brand via email, Instagram message or over the phone that you have a friendly, happy personality who is easy to talk to.


Advice for Brand Reps

The world of brand representatives is quite new with many unsure about how to go about it. Social media has grown so big that it has become a platform for many models, bloggers and Instagrammers to make a living from the resource. If you would like to become a brand rep take a look at our top tips to help you make wise, safe choices. 

  • Safety – For the posts to gain the widest exposure possible your social media account must be public. This might be an issue for parents of child brand ambassadors and is a personal decision. Make sure that you have access to your kids account so no predators are contacting them without your knowledge. 
  • Clarity – When signing a brand rep contract make sure that you understand the expectations. For example, ensure that you know how many photos will need to post, do you need to put a link in your bio etc. These details are extremely important so that the partnership goes well. If unsure, ask as many questions as needed to clarify and keep all emails as proof. Make sure you read the Instagram brand rep terms and conditions also.


  • Photography Skills – When taking pictures it is important to think about the time of day and lighting. Dark, blurry images will not be suitable. Only high quality photos will suffice. Natural light is important. You may need to take a lot of photos before you get the perfect one so patience and persistence is key. If you are not 100% happy do not post as the brands you are working for want your best work. 
  • Ideas – It is important to be unique on Instagram as copying others will not go down well. Be creative and true to yourself – as remember this is why the brand chose you in the first place. It is important to build your own identity. 
  • Handle – Choose an Instagram name that is catchy and simple. If it’s too complicated it will be easy for followers to forget and may negatively affect your performance on the platform. A fun, upbeat name that explains who you are and what you do is crucial to your success. 

Contacting Brands

Instagram brand reps do reach out to designers and labels themselves. If you feel as though your account is strong enough, then do not be afraid to contact a brand that you feel would work. Do be prepared to not hear back as independent brands and small businesses are incredibly busy with a tiny team that simply does not have the time to reply. However, don’t let this stop you. 

Always when selecting brands, research the company or small shop that you are contacting so that you are aware of their products. Say why you think you would be a good fit and why you love the brand.

If you have them it is a good idea to include statistics of how your account is performing to entice the brand. Providing factual evidence is the perfect way to prove yourself. They may provide you with free stuff as payment or money also. It is up for you to negotiate.

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