Do You Need High Cheekbones to Model?

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Models with high cheekbones are favoured by the industry. Many are born blessed with the desirable trait whereas others find alternative ways to enhance their natural face shape. Razor sharp, striking cheekbones are especially welcomed by the high fashion world.

If your cheekbones are less prominent there are a few make-up tricks that can enhance your face shape dramatically.

Are High Cheekbones a Sign of Beauty?

Striking cheekbones are a trait that society views as beautiful due to their symmetry and sexual appeal. The fashion industry is very much aware of their desirability hiring models who are blessed with the facial feature.


Why Are High Cheekbones Considered Attractive?

It is a notion that originates from our ancestry where prominent cheekbones were a sign that women were old enough to reproduce. Therefore, the trait was highly desirable for men; a historical reference that has remained true today.

Chiseled cheekbones have different meanings depending on the culture. In Asian communities high cheeks are considered a sign of power only to be found on courageous, desirable individuals.

Abraham Lincoln was known to have extremely prominent cheekbones providing the image to the United States citizens as a smart, successful trait.

Studies carried out in 2014 by New York University scientists discovered that high cheekbones are subconsciously associated with trustworthiness; a personality quality that many seek out.

How to Contour High Cheekbones

It’s probably a given, but make up is the best way to attain that incredible cheekbone look. Contouring has always been around but in recent years, it’s really taken the world by storm.

So, what is it, and how do you do it? Basically, it’s a way to add definition to your face and enhance the structure simply by using make up and nothing invasive. It’s a pro technique to add subtle change, but the good news is that everyone can learn this illusion – it’s all in the artistry!

It’s about creating shadows and highlights to accentuate certain features, and to make them cleverly appear more prominent than they actually are.

A Step by Step Guide

  1. To find where your cheekbones are positioned, suck in your cheeks to find the hollows.
  2. Tilt your brush at a 45-degree angle placing it on your cheekbone.
  3. To understand where to contour, hold the brush vertically where your eyebrows end. This is the finishing line.
  4. Choose a bronzer that is two or three shades darker than your skin tone.
  5. Position it just below your hairline and swipe it down to less than half the length of your cheekbone.
  6. Next apply blush underneath your cheekbone using a fluffy brush.
  7. Blend the blush with the bronzer to give a natural look.
  8. Use a smaller fluffy brush and a highlighter that compliments the bronzer and apply above your cheekbones.

There are plenty of great videos showing you how to contour, including this one which is really great for beauty beginners.

How to Get High Cheekbones without Surgery

This one’s a little more experimental as it’s not a quick fix, so it’s really hard to say whether these kind of exercises actually work. You can make your skin appear more taut, and tone up your muscles, too.

It’s not all about bone structure. Face exercises can rejuvenate skin, reduce fat ratios and redistribute it, plus reduce sagging and wrinkles. Bonus point: facial stretching is fab for anti-ageing, too.

There’s no proof, but with some effort, a lot of people say they notice a difference!

Now, it’s not really possible to spot reduce and lose weight in a particular area, so if it’s weight you’re trying to shed to lose the pounds from the facial area, exercise in general is a good idea!

Also, when you eat healthily, loads of good things happen. Your face becomes more defined; because you lose weight across your body, or you simply tone up, if weight loss isn’t your goal.

Your skin appears brighter and more fresh – especially when you drink more water – and you also see benefits across your body because you’ll look and feel more alert, too.


How to Get High Cheekbones with Fillers

This doesn’t have to be as drastic as it sounds, but you should wait until you’re a little older to decide. You can get temporary solutions such as cheek fillers to add some extra lift, but you can even opt for more serious measures such as implants or removing part of the cheek to give the impression of higher cheekbones by default.

The filler injections are most likely the best bet for people who are intrigued by the idea of higher cheekbones, but who don’t want to permanently alter their face (because surgery is a big commitment).

Before going ahead with surgery please make sure that you are 100% certain. Never be pressured or forced into the idea. Take time to consider all your options and research into cosmetic surgeons with a good reputation. It is really important that you are happy with the process as too many times people regret their decision.

Are High Cheekbones Desirable?

Yes, defined cheekbones are considered elegant and striking especially in modelling. If the widest part of your face is just beneath the eye allowing for the cheek to dip in slightly under the bone, then you are blessed with high cheekbones. However, there are other ways to create the illusion of a prominent face.

Sometimes in modelling, it’s all about finding the right angles which work for you. If you’ve not got the highest cheekbones, does everyone really need to know? Do you really need to change yourself?


Often, you can translate your facial structure into something totally different for the camera. As a model, being photogenic is kind of your job, so you can practice making it work.

Editing is also a common technique used in modelling, so if you’re putting in the effort to tick all the boxes in other ways, you can be airbrushed.

However, if you’re just confident as it is, that will speak much louder than the shape of your face.

Are High Cheekbones Genetic?

Cheekbones are a genetic thing, first and foremost, but you can always make small changes to make yourself feel better – if you want to!

Therefore, if your parents possess high cheekbones it is more than likely that you will inherit the trait.

Are High Cheekbones Attractive on Guys?

As with women a defined facial structure is highly desirable. Again the theory of adult maturity comes into play where a man with prominent cheekbones looses the childlike round face shape. Throughout history females have selected men with broad faces ensuring that large, pronounced cheekbones have evolved.

The catwalk also agrees favouring male models with a chiseled cheekbones. Guys are hired due to their striking, unique features that leap from the magazine cover or runway.


Celebrities/Models Who Have High Cheekbones

From the classic beauty of Hollywood actress Katharine Hepburn to the alluring defined features of Angelina Jolie show that chiseled cheekbones have always had an air of attractiveness.

It is a trait that remains timeless, classic and beautiful with the likes of  Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Tyra Banks all known for their prominent cheekbones. 

How to Create High Cheekbones

  • Learn the best way to contour with make-up.
  • Look to beauty bloggers and make-up artists who create YouTube videos.
  • Persevere with facial exercises to tone up your muscles.
  • Eat healthily and drink a lot of water.
  • Practice posing in a way that enhances your cheekbones.

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