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Androgynous Modelling: Males

  • Freya Hill

Swap a short back and sides for a wispy thin mane, a stubbly beard for a soft complexion and boxers for briefs and then you’ll have a good idea of what androgynous male modelling involves.

You may have heard the term ‘androgyny’ before, especially in current times when it’s becoming more and more of a popular thing. It is the fashionable celebration of men and women who are beautiful and confident enough to model successfully (and believably) as the opposite sex. This means that if you’re a guy you may frequently find work posing as a woman. If you’re a woman, you may be asked to take part in projects that really emphasise your tomboy look. Basically, you can be styled as either sex and still look enviably great!

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This ambiguous talent is a godsend in our modern day world, especially when it comes to modelling. No longer are we living in a society that frowns upon masculine looking girls and feminine looking guys, we’re instead seeing people that are happy to embrace diversity in a creative and exciting manner. Some people believe that brands only use androgynous models to cause a talking point, thus more attention which in turns creates higher sales, but that’s an entirely different argument that we’ll save for another day! We’re here now to help you get your head around the world of androgyny.

If you’re struggling to understand the ins and outs of what an androgynous male model looks like, here’s a great personality to be introduced to. He goes by the name of

Andrej Pejic

Referred to as the ‘poster boy for fashion androgyny’, Australian Pejic has walked for Jean Paul Gaultier, featured in a Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign and has ranked in OUT Magazine’s top 100 Most Compelling People of 2011. Despite being one hundred percent male, he is often referred to as a beautiful blonde girl and has thus been employed to feature in girls-only projects. Believe it or not, some of his topless work has had to be covered up on shop shelves as he’s so often perceived as a woman!

His feminine look has been proved no bad thing though; he has pages and pages of experience, is ranked as’s 33rd Top Male Model and is signed to over ten agencies across the world.

This man alone proves that the modelling industry is open to a diverse selection of models – you do not have to be tall and muscle-clad to find work as a man – you can be girly, dainty and slim and still get signed successfully.

Check out the following guys if you’re still finding yourself in need of visual reassurance.

Willy Cartier

He has a narrow chin and even thinner eyes, and in the same style as Cara Delevingne, substantially oversized eyebrows. Somehow, despite a miss mash of looks, he poses beautifully in a swipe of red lippy.

David Chiang

This Canadian born model has featured in a Vera Wang campaign right through to a make-up story, proving that an androgynous look can gain you work as a male and female personality. Perhaps it’s that shiny hair?

Van Burnham

He has strong, strong facial features but a shining ability to work them gracefully to his advantage. Notice perfectly posed hands in every shot, plus a deep and dark confident stare.

If you’re an androgynous looking guy, here at UK Models we are able to help you establish a healthy career. Having twelve years of experience and a firm understanding of what brands and agencies are on the lookout for right now, we’re able to work with you to enhance your wonderfully unique features and make the most of your personal traits. If you’re worried about not fitting into the traditional male modelling scene, get in touch with us soon and we’ll be able to assist you in taking your first career steps.
As for women, check out more about female androgynous modelling on our blog.


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Posted by Freya Hill

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