A Day in the Life of a Model

  • Amy Bebbington

One of the most desirable aspects of the model industry is the flexible nature. No day is the same moving away from the dull and mundane office hours. Attracted to the photoshoot life, aspiring models yearn for the glamour of the world of the fashion pages. But what is life really like for successful models. What does their day-to-day look like? The reality may be slightly different.

Join model Robin Holzken as she takes you on a typical day in her modelling career. 


Casting After Casting After Casting

Once signed to a model agency you will be asked to attend a lot of castings. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. Not many models land on their feet straight away and have to go to many appointments with brands and designers to secure a role. High street brands such as Topshop and Zara hold castings as well as top designers.  Even top models have to regularly attend castings to ensure they are right for the part.

This process demands a lot of patience as it involves waiting around to be seen, which could take hours if they are running behind. Take a book or magazine to read to alleviate the boredom. Once in front of the panel you may have to show your model walk or have your picture taken on the spot so be prepared.

You may have a few castings lined up in one day. Make sure you know exactly where you are going and the route you have to take. Dashing around town can be very busy and stressful especially when relying on public transport or you are new to the city. Leave enough time to compose yourself before the casting.


At the Photoshoot

Photoshoots are a big part of a model’s working day. This may involve waking up really early and working until the winning shot is captured. On arrival you will be whisked away to hair and make-up. Sitting still and following direction of the stylists is advised to allow the artists to create their vision.

Dressed in the designers finest you will be expected to deliver. Have a selection of poses ready but follow the photographer’s lead and the brands concept for the shoot. Listen carefully to what is expected of you and any direction given take on board. 

New York, London, Paris, Milan…..

Fashion week of course! To catwalk models runway shows are a big deal and take up a large chunk of a model’s diary. You will be expected to go to numerous fittings prior to the show to make sure that the design you’re wearing fits perfectly.

Fashion weeks are hard work with some models walking in over 15 shows over a four day period. The pressure is on to deliver leaving many exhausted. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and get enough sleep during this hectic process. The fashion industry is manic during this time as they are such important dates in the calendar.


City Hopping

A models career demands a lot of travel and living out of a suitcase. Even if the destination is not exotic the location could be too far to commute. You could end up travelling around the UK from hotel to hotel. Some find this lifestyle lonely as they rarely see family and friends and may not return home for some months. Others enjoy seeing new places and relish in the hotel hopping life; a very different kind of working day that many personalities enjoy. A young model still in their teens may struggle more than a model in their twenties who is used to being far away from home.

Juggling Two Jobs

Especially at the beginning of a models career you may not secure roles very often. The calls from the model agents to arrange a casting may be few and far between or on the chance you do attend a casting it doesn’t go so well. To pay the high rents in London, the heating bills and buy food for the week many have to get a waitressing job or something in retail to keep afloat.

Therefore, the life of a model may begin very similarly to most other jobs. However, fitting in castings around your shift schedule leaves many hurtling through the week. Swapping shifts for last minute casting calls or photoshoots can be tricky. Part time, flexible work is well suited to the industry yet a level of commitment is desired by any type of job.

Stay organised by writing every shift and appointment in your diary to avoid turning up late or not at all. It is a busy working life that demands juggling numerous roles and opportunities.

The Model Bag


To accommodate model work it is important to carry the essentials with you on a day-to-day basis. You never know when you will be asked to attend a casting or fitting and you can’t sit in waiting for the call all day.

The necessities include:

  • A pair of heels in case you need to strut your stuff.
  • A nude thong to wear under the designs.
  • A selection of make-up. Never over do it but a little bit of concealer and mascara can go a long way!
  • A brush to tame your hair.
  • Z-card with your statistics and portfolio images to hand out to contact you.

Your Exercise Routine

Make sure you leave enough time to fit in your exercise routine at least a couple of times a week. The industry is known for eating disorders however, it is strongly advised to live a healthy lifestyle, which involves exercising without becoming addicted. Find the right type of exercise that you enjoy and tones your physique. Models are required to fit in an exercise routine around their working week.

In a Nutsell…

Overall the typical day of a model is very varied depending on the schedule for the week. Working as a model demands flexibility and those who do not crave a set structure. There is also no promise of a job with hopefuls constantly seeking out modelling roles, hoping to be accepted. Juggling castings and work can be very stressful and only those who persist will be successful. The industry suits dedicated, hard working individuals.

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