5 Tips to Help Cope With the Uncertainty of Modelling

  • Amy Bebbington

The modelling industry is certainly not for those who crave structure and assurance in relation to their income and career. It’s a world of uncertainty and flexibility. Basically, a juggling act to ensure that you pay the bills on time without missing any opportunities. A determined, positive character is required to seek alternative types of work that will not affect their chance of becoming a model. Many find related roles in the creative industry that compliment their modelling talent and do not interfere too much on their ultimate goal.


As well as attending castings many make time for acting auditions also to raise their chances of securing work. The industries are closely linked and compliment each other nicely. Acting roles provide confidence performing in front of new people and a camera. TV and film roles are also unpredictable and therefore, should not interrupt your ultimate goal of becoming a model. Of course, acting is also fiercely competitive but will increase your chances of finding work.



Most films and TV programmes require extras to ensure that each scene is realistic and believable. It may be wise to put yourself forward for extra roles as they usually pay well and only last a short time to not interfere with other commitments. If you receive a call for a modelling opportunity it will be more than likely that you can attend as the extra role will be finished. If you make a good impression the organisers may remember you for other opportunities.


Those who have a talent for dancing will be able to audition for shows and performances. The training will maintain your physique, which will enhance your suitability for modelling roles. Again, this profession is very competitive and will demand lots of practice and training. The industry is also unpredictable so will hopefully be easy to squeeze modelling offers in.



With the explosion of social media and internet resources, the writing profession is slightly easier to break into that previously. Working from your laptop and scheduling posts allows for more flexibility. Planning your work in an organised and planned manner will ensure that you can fit in other commitments around your writing work. Constructing articles and blog posts is a great way of receiving an income without compromising your modelling dream.


Many turn to design, illustration and drawing for an extra income. If you have a passion and a talent for art this could be a legit option. It is difficult to break into yet once you have built a network of contacts this could be a way of earning extra money whilst attending castings. Again, you can be flexible with your drawing time as long as you meet deadlines that you have agreed to.

There you have it a selection of jobs that you may not have considered. It is easy to get a job as a waitress, bar tender or office temp yet it is important to enjoy the second or even third occupation you need to supplement your income. Don’t you think?

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