5 Tips to Capture the Perfect Photograph

  • Amy Bebbington

Taking a great photo takes skill, practice and usually a professional! When sending or uploading images to an application or portfolio it is extremely important that the shots are of a high standard and are far from amateur. Pictures of you socialising with friends or on a night out is not acceptable to present to a potential employer. Therefore, it is essential to capture professional shots that showcase your ability in a positive light. Many employers ask to either view body shots or portfolio images to evaluate your suitability and talent for modelling.

View our tips on how to achieve the ultimate perfect shot to kickstart your modelling career.


It is important to hire a professional photographer who is skilled in fashion. Their eye for the creative arts will allow for your shots to be flattering and of a high standard. Their skills in photography in terms of lighting, shade, proportion and position will enhance the image that an untrained and unexperienced eye will not be able to create. With a small budget to contend with look to students and recent graduates who are highly skilled and creative yet charge less to build up their portfolio of work. It is worthwhile spending money on a photographer as you will be able to use these high quality images repeatedly.



The lighting of a picture is very important to consider as visibility and clarity is essential. The image will be viewed for the first time by an employer who is unknown to your appearance and capabilities and therefore, needs to instantly witness your talent. An industry expert will not waste time trying to see get a clearer view as more than likely they will have a large amount to work through. Dark, dull images will not suffice and with the help of a professional photographer the lighting will be spot on.



It is wise to use a studio space to take the shots to again capture a professional look. The clean, crisp nature of a studio space allows for the image to immediately be of a higher class than in your living room or bedroom. Professionals will appreciate the effort to achieve a great photo and will also demonstrate your character and determination as a model. Again, look to a university of college that will allow for you to use their facilities as usually a student has the authority to book a studio for a specific amount of time.


Practice your poses to ensure that you are prepared for the photoshoot. Preparation allows for you to posses confidence in your ability and capture a set of images that your are proud of. Body shots will demand a simple, minimalistic pose of standing straight and looking ahead capturing a full length front and back shot as well as a head shot. Portfolio images ask for you to demonstrate your capabilities using different positions that suit the niche.

model photoshoot


Asking a trusted friend or relative who understands your intention will be useful to have on board. Whilst you are concentrating on posing and the photographer is focusing on the overall image, the third party will be able to offer advice on how your body is positioned and your figure looks from an outsider perspective. Obviously, you are unable to see for yourself so it is helpful to have the support offering tips and advice.

What tips do you have to share on how to capture the picture image? Please comment below…….

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