7 Secrets: Beauty Life Hacks

  • Claire Louise

Most of us love make up, whether we wear it daily or just for special occasions. Beauty can be a pain if you don’t have the know-how or the time, so here are a few life hacks which can help you along the way!

  1. You Can Do Without Primer

Primer is great! However, if you don’t have any, if you’re in a rush, or if you’re on a budget, you don’t always need it underneath your make up. Sure, it seems to hold everything in place and make your skin look flawless, but did you know that moisturiser can often do the same thing for you? I tend to smear plenty onto my cheeks prior to putting on my foundation, and then I wait for it to settle before layering on the rest of my face! I notice a big difference in my skin, which is great for those make up free days, too!


2. No Dry Shampoo? No Problem!

I have a fringe and incredibly thick, dark hair. Because I have caucasian hair and it can be very oily, I tend to wash my hair every day because it’s so noticeable when I don’t. However, sometimes it’s just not possible, especially when I’m running late to somewhere important, or when I stay at someone’s house who doesn’t have a hairdryer (there’s nothing worse for me than when my fringe dries badly…).

In these cases, I’m often caught out without dry shampoo, because it takes up too much space. But do you know what I always have? My bronzer! If you add a touch of bronzing powder to your roots and fringe with one of your bigger brushes (such as a kabuki), you’ll have less greasy looking hair instantly. Talcum powder also works for blondes – just don’t make the mistake I did with this in school as you’ll look like you have grey roots!

3. Hairspray Isn’t Just For Your Hair

Going to the club with a full face of make up? The last thing that you want in a hot and sweaty room is for that carefully applied masterpiece to simply melt off.

Want to give your carefully crafted contouring skills more staying power? Simply spray hairspray onto your face (with your eyes closed!) and you’ll notice a difference in the longevity of your make up!

4. Got Bags? Orange Is The New Black, Darling!

Got nasty bags underneath your eyes? No worries. Did you know that the opposite colour to blue on the colour wheel is orange? That means that those pesky blue hues which betray your lack of beauty sleep can be cancelled out by sticking some orange shade underneath your eyes.

Simply blend orange eyeshadow or primer underneath your base for a more flawless finish!

5. Get Lippy On Your Finger, Not Your Teeth!

Are you looking for that perfect lipstick look, complete with corner to corner coverage? Is the only way you tend to achieve it with wayyyy too much ending up on your teeth?

Don’t panic; just stick a finger in your mouth. Seriously. Any excess will end up on your hands, not on your pearly whites. Just be sure to thoroughly wash them before and after!


6. White Eyeliner Is Your New Pal

White eyeliner doesn’t tend to be the first colour you’d reach for at the make up counter, but it’s got a ton of uses for making you look fresher overall.

For example, did you know that using it as a lip liner can accentuate your cupid’s bow, giving them a fuller look?

Using it on the inner lids of your eyes can also help exaggerate the whites, giving an all-round wider appeal.

It’s a really quick and simple solution to so many beauty problems!

7. Contouring Doesn’t Actually Need To Look Ridiculous

A lot of people are wary of trying contouring, because it kind of looks like warpaint before it’s blended.

However, the key point is that you blend it! If you’ve not got an entire kit, you can still give it a go simply by using stuff you already have.

The idea is that darker colours create a shadow making things appear smaller or deeper. For example, applying darker colours around the nose can make it appear narrower, and along the underneath of the cheekbones can make them appear higher because the underneath then looks more sunken (but in a good way).

There’s no reason why you can’t use a darker concealer or even eyeshadow until you get your hands on a purpose-built kit.

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