Do certain aspects of your body standout? Are your legs, hands or feet your best feature?

YOU could be a body part model.

Keep reading for more information to decide if body part modelling is the career move for you.

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Body part modelling is a legit niche.

Although body parts modelling is not the first type of modelling you would usually think of, you can still have a lucrative career by showing isolated features.

Often campaigns can benefit from using a body parts model, using you as a hand double of a celebrity or if they need a close up of a hand that would show off their product. Other body parts include legs, eyes, feet and arms to name a few.

It’s not as easy as it looks.

Body part models require to take great care of their chosen feature to avoid bruises, scratches and swelling prior to a photoshoot. It is a reputable niche that takes commitment and dedication from models.

It is important that you look after your chosen body part as a mark or bruise could cost you the job. Brands need to sell their product with a high quality shot and therefore, your feature is essential to the shoot. No fake tan, tattoos or nail varnish is permitted.

It’s all in the preparation.

Body part models are required to ensure that their feature is presented without any blemishes or cuts. Therefore, a lot of care and attention is required daily. Avoiding the sun is very important as tan lines are disapproved of and the sun also causes great damage to the skin. Sun cream should be applied (even in winter) and fully covered in all seasons. Gloves and tights are an easy way to protect the skin from the elements and accidental cuts.

Moisturising, shaving and nail care is also essential to body part models. The camera zooms in on this specific area highlighting any elements that are not quite perfect. Only use products that are sensitive to the skin to avoid any allergic reactions. Nail varnish is out of the question as a hint of colour is always left behind.

Strike a pose.

A common misconception is that body part modelling is easy. Many think that it is easy to pose with your hand or foot instantly capturing the winning shot. However, there certainly is an art to modelling with an isolated body part. Ensuring that the foot is arched and pointed to perfection or the hand looks delicate and natural is actually pretty difficult to achieve.

To ensure that your body part is looking good, it is essential to practice posing a lot. Do not just leave it until the day of the shoot to ‘wing it’ as you will not give a good impression at all. Practice shaping your leg, hand or foot in a way that is attractive and shows off the body part in the best possible light.

Do you have what it takes to be a body part model?

If you regular get compliments on your features it may be worthwhile considering body part modelling. Approach an agency who specialise in this area to understand if your feature is photogenic or not. There is no harm in asking as you could make a living off modelling this body part.

Have a look at campaigns that use isolated features and compare the body part to your own to gauge if you will be considered in the niche.

What is the industry looking for?

Hands: long, shapely fingers, manicured nails, soft, smooth skin.
Feet: arched instep, symmetrical, even toes, pedicured nails, hair free.
Legs: shapely calves and thighs, long pins, hair free (for women), soft, smooth skin.
Bum: pert, symmetrical, clear skin, hair free, average size (not too flat or round).
Eyes: large, revitalised, bright, can easily make an expression, long eyelashes, wrinkle-free.