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What is a fitness modelling?

Fitness modelling is posing for athletic brands wearing their sportswear to reveal a toned, muscular physique.

Would you like to become a fitness model?

As people become more concerned about body image and health, fitness models are now in demand to advertise anything from gyms, health products and foods.

The requirements.

A muscular, toned physique is essential to succeed as a fitness model. A dedicated model who organises an exercise routine and implements a nutritious diet will improve their chances of making it.

Commitment, sheer hard work and determination are particularly required in this niche. It is essential that you maintain the desired physique to have a successful career in the fitness industry. Only the individuals who truly are passionate and enjoy the lifestyle will be able to sustain such a demanding career.

Seek professional help.

It is very important to reach out to a personal trainer or nutritionist to guide you when striving for your ultimate physique. A professional will be able to advise on how to build a muscular figure safely and slowly. It is much healthier to gradually work up to your goal physique rather than quickly to avoid injuries and an unhealthy obsession.

The specialist will be able to demonstrate how to use equipment and carry out exercises correctly to reach a toned physique suitable for fitness modelling. The guidance and plan will enable for you to continue safely without supervision. Yet, many enjoy finding a workout buddy to motivate each other.

The Diet.

Models are required to eat a nutritious diet that compliments their workout. Your intake should provide energy to withstand each gym session as well as supplying the correct nutrients that your body needs.

Again a specialist in this area will be able to point you in the correct direction. It is important to seek advice as their professional knowledge will be able to support your strict exercise routine ensuring that your diet is shaped according to your end goal and workout regime.


Once you have reached your goal, it is highly important to maintain your physique for a successful fitness model career. The intense workout and healthy diet will become a strict lifestyle to abide by to ensure that your muscular figure remains intact.

Bulging biceps, muscular thighs and a six pack are expected in the fitness world. If you turn up to a casting or shoot without a physique of this nature you are very unlikely to succeed. Only the
committed will be able to withstand the pressure to maintain such a figure.

What are the opportunities within fitness modelling?

Many athletic brands and gyms require models to showcase their products and sports gear. Therefore, fitness enthusiasts are hired to create a realistic, sporting image to promote their products or services.

Models usually wear the sports apparel to train in and promote on their social media profile also. Those with a huge following will be targeted by brands who wish to advertise their label in the fitness community. Fans who admire the model will aspire to be just like them buying into the brand making the collaboration worthwhile. Many models become ambassadors for top brands forming a relationship which works well for both parties.

The legal stuff.

Always sign a contract before engaging in a photoshoot. Read the legal document thoroughly to fully understand the expectations. Do not sign the contract unless you are happy with the terms.
Believe it or not, this piece of paper will give you a case if the images are used in a way that is not stated in the legal document. If you are not presented with a contract ask for one.

It is highly important that you educate yourself to understand the contract and what is being asked on you. Always ask for clarity if you are unsure of the terms within a legal document.

The pose.

Not only do they require a lean, muscular physique but body awareness is very important also. Knowing how to pose in a way that enhances your physique is vital to your success.

Showcasing your muscles, ripped abs and strong thighs with a strong, confident stance is essential. Practice poses in the mirror, in front of friends and with sample shots to allow for you gain a great understanding of your physique.

Many poses involve using equipment such as lifting weights, running on a treadmill or balancing on a gym ball. These actions need to look effortless and realistic with a composed face with little evidence of sweat or pain.

Is the niche only for men?

The answer is no. Female fitness fanatics do exist and also create a strong, muscular form to promote sportswear and gym equipment. There are many women who like to build a physique that is extremely toned and capable of lifting heavy weights.

Both men and women enjoy a career in the fitness industry and is certainly not biased towards one gender alone. Follow models who parade their fitness regime on Instagram with selfies of their fit body in the gym. Many social media accounts show their dedication to creating a toned, physique that promotes healthy eating also.

Each girl that builds a fit Instagram profile, is focused and committed to creating a muscular models body demonstrating that the female gender are very much included in the fitness industry.

Make sure you are certain.

It is important that you are 100% certain that fitness modelling is for you as once you have built a physique of this high standard your opportunities will be limited to this type of work.

High fashion and commercial roles hire a less muscular shape opting for a slightly toned physique. Also, the maintenance demands commitment that only the highly passionate can embrace.

Attending the gym multiple times a week, eating healthily and a positive attitude is a must to be included in this models industry. A task only suited to the most motivated and enthusiastic of characters.