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Glamour modelling has become quite popular.

The second most popular type of modelling for most women is glamour modelling, which has grown in popularity over the last few years with the introduction of a lot more lad mags making it onto out shelves.

It is strictly for those aged over 18.

You must be over 18 to take part in any glamour modelling and clients and agencies should check proof of age to establish this first. Remain safe by working for a reputable company who follow the guidelines enforced to avoid dangerous situations.

What are the requirements?

Unlike other styles of modelling there are no height restrictions, although you need to have a toned and curvy figure and a lot of confidence. Remember you will be wearing very little clothing and therefore, require the self assurance to expose your toned physique.

Are you body confident?

To succeed in glamour modelling it is essential that you possess confidence in your physique. Posing nude or in your underwear is only for the self assured who hold little insecurities. Exposing your figure is necessary and will demand a confident character who has a great understanding of body awareness. Posing in provocative positions is essential without unwanted rippling of the skin.

Are you sure glamour modelling is for you?

Before pursuing the glamour modelling route, please be certain that the avenue is for you. Once a nude image has been published to the internet it is never truly deleted. Therefore, it is important that you are 100% certain that you wish to be a glamour model. Research the industry carefully to fully understand what you are getting into. Ultimately, it is your decision but ensure you consider all options first.

Sign a contract.

Always sign a contract before engaging in a photoshoot. Read the legal document thoroughly to fully understand the expectations. Do not sign the contract unless you are happy with the terms. Believe it or not, this piece of paper will give you a case if the images are used in a way that is not stated in the legal document. If you are not presented with a contract ask for one.

Say NO.

Do not let nerves, shyness or politeness stop you from saying no. Just because you have agreed to pose nude or in lingerie it does not give the photographer the right of expectation. If you do not feel comfortable posing in specific positions or poses it is more than okay to refuse.

Stand your ground as unfortunately, the glamour modelling industry can attract predators who act under false pretences. Do not let him/her take advantage of your vulnerable position. Never be persuaded or forced into anything that you are uncertain of.

Don’t trust easily.

With predators lurking in the modelling industry shadows, please do not trust everyone. If you receive a message on social media do not respond. Remember agencies are inundated with applications and do not look through profiles to find talent.

Always research a potential opportunity to guarantee that the role is legit. There are many individuals who are trustworthy and reliable. It is about knowing how to separate the two.

Safety in numbers.

Never go to a meeting alone unless it is in a public place during the daytime. Always let a trusted friend or relative know exactly where you for peace of mind. A reliable company will not be offended if you would like to bring a friend with you. Please do not act secretively as this could lead to a dangerous situation.

Act with caution.

Do not dive in without considering all the possibilities first. To avoid danger and con artists it is essential that your excitement and desperation are controlled.

Do not let these feelings override your sense of doubt as this could lead to risking your safety. All areas of the modelling industry need to be investigated before you agree. Ask for advice and carry out your research to shape a successful career.