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Top Tips to Become A Foot Model

  • Amy Bebbington

What Is Foot Modelling?

It is a name for individuals who use their feet to make an income. Those who possess particularly appealing feet are hired by brands to promote their product in advertising campaigns or television commercials.

Beauty labels, shoe designers and jewellery brands are simply a few companies who will turn to feet models for support. Many models also utilise other body parts such as their hands and legs to secure more modelling work and appear diverse to a company.

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A Foot Models Salary

Foot modelling is not a full time occupation and will require a resourceful individual who can juggle various jobs to nurture a successful modelling career. However, a foot models income can be quite lucrative being paid a lot per shoot. Typically, body part models can get up to £500 per shoot or more depending on the brand you work for with their annual salary reaching £90,000 per year. The amount you are paid all depends on your experience, the brand hiring you, the location and the type of work required.

Body part models can earn a substantial amount of money by modelling their feet for editorial shoots and adverts. However, it is well known that there are less modelling jobs available than hand modelling and is therefore, important to add other body parts to your CV to attract more attention.


Photoshoot Tips

Whilst at a photoshoot it is vital to give 100% to the role imagining how the final product will appear and the employer’s vision. Creating the correct pose by relaxing or tensing your toes and foot will ultimately change the way the product is viewed. Practice various poses in the mirror to find attractive positions that enhance the shape of your foot and toes.

Body parts modelling may take you around the world for location shoots such as Los Angeles, New York or Tokyo. It is an exciting aspect of the job however; it is tiring with a focus on getting the winning shot. You may be rising early and getting home late. A professional photographer won’t stop until they get the shot they need.

Take Great Care of Your Asset

It is essential to take great care of your asset by manicuring your toenails, moisturising your foot and removing dry skin. Always moisturise to keep your skin soft, supple and in good condition. A strict beauty regime is a must. Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes and socks that may leave blisters and unwanted marks.

It has been known for professional foot models to wear shoes a size too big and they never wear pointy footwear or high heels due to the harsh and negative affect on their feet. The irony is you may be modelling designer shoes at the photoshoot however; at home it’s all about the UGGs to keep those feet in good shape.

You may even get to keep the stilettos yet cannot wear them. Keep your toenails to a neutral colour as the designer may not want a bright red or vivid blue gracing their campaign. Also, bright shades can stain your nails, which results in more work for the technical team.


More Top Tips

Do not walk outside with bare feet to avoid cuts that will spoil the shoot. They may ruin your chances of making a good impression. Fake tan is also avoidable as it can easily go wrong, which may anger the client.

For example, body part model, Nicki Donohoe wears soft cotton gloves when sunbathing on the beach to avoid getting sunspots. Also, leg models must attend the gym to tone their thighs and calves ready for modelling jobs that require only a leg shot. Many do not sit down or cross their legs for too long as this can cause varicose veins.

Believe it or not a good diet helps. A healthy diet, which avoids alcohol, caffeine, smoking and chocolate helps keep your nails strong. Being addicted to toxic substances will make you shake during those crucial moments. A nutritious diet will keep your skin soft; circulation pumping and your feet will maintain a healthy glow.

Work Those Feet

As your feet and legs are the only body part in the shot at that time it is important for your body parts to act seductively and sexy with the use of presentation and posing. You are required to create emotions through your limbs whether it is giggly, coy or ticklish.

A lot of thought goes into how to deliver your feet in a way that conveys positively through the camera. Nice long toes, a beautiful high arch, manicured nails and silky skin is the balance to perfection. It is also essential to exercise your feet to ensure that they are flexible and gorgeous.

You may be asked to position your hands and feet in an uncomfortable way to make them look natural. However, this shape for long periods of time may hurt. The next day you may have achy feet.

Do remember that the way your body looks on camera is totally different to really life. You may think your foot is beautifully arched but in the shot it looks flat. Therefore, listen carefully to direction.

Foot modelling is a serious profession used by the likes of Nivea, Dove and Pretty Polly and requires for individuals who are open to hard work and dedicated to their feet. Those who are relaxed and do not take great care of their desired body part will not survive in a competitive industry.

You may have to make little sacrifices to your daily life to accommodate your profession. For many it is the perfect opportunity to live their dream without having to put a face to the feet.


How to Become a Foot Model

If you think you have the prettiest feet on earth and your friends always comment that they could be model material, it is time to think about your options. As we’ve explained there is a career in posing with your best body part and hand modelling agencies do exist.

Your best bet would be to get some professional foot model images and send them to a body part modelling agency. Most foot modelling agencies will have an application form that you can apply to. Make sure your feet look their best to impress the agent. The same applies for a hand model and all other features that are covered in body part modelling.

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