What Is a Hand Model Agency?

  • Amy Bebbington

A hand model agency is an establishment concerned with body part modelling. There is a large need for individuals to model their legs, feet, eyes and hands in the industry. The modelling agency scout those who have elegant hands, slender legs or striking eyes to promote products typically in the health and beauty industry.

What Is a Hand Model?

Brands such as Rimmel, L’Oreal Paris and Revlon will recruit hand models to market their products. Cosmetics such as make-up, moisturiser and shampoo all require advertising via commercials or a product image. Many will work as a hand double for high profile or celebrity models.

Hand models can appear in television commercials and print campaigns for brands such as Fairy Liquid, Cadbury’s and Cartier where their products are modelled with various hand poses. Zooming in on washing the dishes, opening a bar of chocolate or applying lipstick or mascara is required to promote each product.


For example, to promote a mascara that elongates lashes a perfectly shaped, striking eye will be desired. Attributes such as long, curved lashes, a vivid eye colour and an even shape will be hired as the designated eye model. To apply the mascara a manicured to perfection, slender hand will be required.

Brands may find the perfect match from an existing model or a specialised body part model depending on the talent available. Follow the advice below to discover how to apply to a model agency.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Firstly identify if any of your body parts are exceptionally unique by comparing to others. This could be friends or online images that you use to analyse whether your hands or legs are particularly exquisite. Do you regularly receive compliments in relation to a certain area of your body? Take these kind words on board and seek advice as to whether you do have a talent to succeed. 

What Does a Hand Model Know About Skincare?

Hand models are required to know a lot about skincare to maintain flawless skin. Upon deciding which body part is going to be your weapon of choice, it is essential to take great care of it. Keeping hands, torso, legs and feet well moisturised and groomed is vital to your success. Before presenting the chosen body part to an agency or potential client ensure that you adopt a beauty regime that will enhance your skin.


Seek professional advice on the types of products to use for your skin to ensure that you do not break out in blemishes or spots as a result of an unsuitable product. For feet and hands ensure that your nails are well manicured and are free of polish or fake tan. The client will most likely prefer the natural look as they can adapt as necessary.

Ensure that your body part is kept in pristine condition by covering up from weather elements. Use gloves, tights and socks as protection as dry or sunburnt skin is not attractive on camera and could cost you your job. Try to avoid bruising or scrapes by being extra careful when performing daily duties. A certain amount of Photoshop will be used for the final shots yet agencies and clients will judge on first appearances. Therefore, the utmost care and attention is needed.

How to Become a Hand Model?

Practice how to present and hold your body part in front of the camera to showcase it in the best light. Surprisingly, there is an art to how you place your hand, position your legs or arch your foot without looking lifeless or stiff. The poses need to appear natural, which can be difficult when in a set up situation. Therefore, practicing in front of a mirror or friend focusing on the body part that you wish to model will significantly help. Even taking pictures and reviewing how your pose appeared when transferred through the lens could be vital to your success.


Once you have fully prepared it is time to approach a model agency who specialises in your domain. Investigate the establishments that are experienced in the sector to locate an agency that has strong links and connections. It is important to feel comfortable with the agency and feel safe in the knowledge that they are doing their utmost to secure modelling work for you. Apply to as many as possible to keep your options open and find an agency suitable for your needs.

How to Make a Hand Model Portfolio?

Hire a professional photographer to take shots of your hand poses. Only include high quality images within your portfolio so amateur images will not suffice. The idea is that your evidence of work impresses an agency or employer. Therefore, it is important that you perfect every aspect considering layout, format and each photograph.

The same applies to all areas within the body part industry, including leg and feet modelling. It is an opportunity to showcase a models work to the best it can possibly be. Do not rush the process and accept that you may be need to revise your portfolio numerous times.


How Much Does a Hand Model Earn?

Hand models could earn up to £5,000 a day. Big brands require the perfect hands to appear in their advertisements and campaign imagery. A worldwide campaign would pay up to £5,000 whereas an editorial shoot pays around £250 – £500.

The profession can be extremely lucrative with advertisers willing to pay a large sum of money. Since hands are unrecognisable they can be used in a variety of campaigns and more jobs are available. However, the industry is very unpredictable and you may not earn a steady income.

Expanding into other areas such as leg and foot modelling can be a way of earning regular money. Also, working hard to make contacts and connections is a way of building a successful career.

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