Nude Modelling Considerations

  • Claire Louise

Nude modelling, first and foremost, must only be undertaken by individuals over the age of 18. We repeat. Nude models must be aged over 18. There are laws protecting minors, and for that reasons, only adults should even consider this path.

With that said, adults are entitled to make their own decisions, but we believe they should be informed ones.

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The Two Types of Nude Modelling

There are two kinds of nude modelling – one is artistic for art classes, often referred to as a ‘life modelling’, and the other is a form of glamour modelling.

What Is a Life Drawing Model?

The artistic kind is one where you are less open to exploitation. For example, you will often be asked to remove your clothing for a group of adults to draw or paint you, and they will be very mature about the situation. Those who take life drawing classes are hoping to improve their technique and will view the nude model as a work of art. Many become an art model for extra money and for the love of creativity. You will be expected to stand in various poses whilst the class sketches you. A life drawing model is highly respected by those who attend and it is a great way to gain modelling experience.


Glamour Modelling

Nude modelling in other respects is often sexualised. For example, you might be modelling with no clothes on to sell a product or magazines. Those who embark on a glamour modelling career need to be comfortable posing in a seductive and provocative way either nude, topless or wearing lingerie. Confidence is key at a modelling shoot. Never be forced into modelling nude. Always state before agreeing to do the shoot what you are prepared to do.

Before Nude Modelling…

  • Are you likely to regret your decision? Remember, once images are out there in our modern age, they cannot be reclaimed. Even deleted images are never truly erased.
  • Have you done your research? Is the brand, photographer or agency reputable? Do not be afraid to ask for references. Anyone legitimate will have nothing to hide.
  • Do you feel safe? You can bring someone along to wait for you if you’re having doubts. At the very least, always tell someone where you’ll be going!
  • You can leave at any time. If you begin to feel uncomfortable make your voice heard. Posing nude can leave you feeling vulnerable. Do not let anyone take advantage of that.
  • Read all contracts thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is very important in this line of work that you understand every aspect.
  • Is it worth it? Don’t feel pressured into doing a shoot for the money or experience. Simply decline if you’re not 100% comfortable.


A Few Things to Consider

  • Are you being pushed past your limits, further than you thought you would allow yourself to go? Don’t ever convince yourself that this is the only way to be a successful model. Ignore anyone who tells you that.
  • Everyone has different expectations and beliefs. What is empowering for some may compromise the integrity of others. That’s a personal thing, and only you can decide.
  • Can you handle people from your real life finding the images? Only ever do things you are comfortable with. If you will feel ashamed with friends or relatives seeing the images, don’t do it!
  • Find out expectations before you go and adhere to them. For example, wear loose outfits to avoid clothing lines, because this could be seen as unprofessional on a shoot.
  • Make sure that everyone on the photoshoot respects your privacy. Just because you have agreed to model nude does not mean that you wish to walk around naked all day. Take a robe and ask for a place to get changed. 

It Isn’t for Everyone

Nude modelling isn’t for everyone; and it’s certainly not for anyone under 18. If you are at a shoot and are asked to undress decline. You should never feel forced or uncomfortable. Nude modelling is an area in the industry that is professional and organised. A lot of top models have modelled nude for magazines yet the setting is very respectable and safe. Unfortunately, some individuals do take advantage of this area and turn it into something very seedy. Stay away from predators and only operate through the correct channels.

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