How to Become a Plus Size Model UK

  • Amy Bebbington

How to become a plus size model UK mirrors the exact same discipline, ambition and hard work that of catwalk, fitness or catalogue models. The route demands similar principles and actions of a commercial model as the competition is just as fierce and the commitments are just as demanding. Admittedly, curvaceous models have had to fight against the industry to become accepted worldwide yet since the acknowledgement and fight has gradually become easier the correct tools and platforms to succeed have been established. How to become a plus size model UK has become a realistic question by fuller figures who wish to showcase their physique within the industry.


There are many modelling agencies who specialise in the niche and to represent plus-size models. It is important for aspiring voluptuous models to approach many establishments in order to find an agency that is suitable to their needs. Begin by researching agencies that have built strong connections within the plus-size industry and will be able to offer these relationships to develop your career. Decide whether you would like a large, corporate company or a smaller, personal organisation depending on your needs. Remember the initial stage of finding a modelling agency is crucial to your success and therefore cannot be rushed when making an important decision. Seek advice from others who are experienced in the field and have your best interests at heart. Professional agencies, no matter how big or small will boast about their links within the industry and therefore will not be difficult to find. Their claim could be to have nurtured a connection to successful plus-size brands such as Simply Be or scouted recognised models such as Candice Huffine or Ashley Graham. It is worthwhile checking their statements for validity as unfortunately the modelling world attracts scam artists.


The industry demands for plus-size models to be confident within their own skin and carry a high self esteem. Although the niche has travelled far in terms of exposure and expansion there will still be hurdles to face. Some experts will be judgemental and critical of plus-size models and therefore, it is essential that individuals are realistic and do not let the jibes affect your performance. To ‘make it’ in the industry especially in this field you must be confident and self assured and not let others demoralise your ability and beauty. The niche has grown considerably due to the fact that strong, courageous personalities have faced the prejudice individuals and won! Do not take their insults personally, simply ignore the unnecessary hurtful remarks and improve from the feedback into an exceptional model.

For serious candidates who wish to enter the plus-size modelling industry it is essential that you work hard, network at every given opportunity and never give in. It is a difficult road ahead yet the success is worth it; the pride felt when witnessing yourself on the front of a magazine or gracing a campaign image for your favourite brand is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

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