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How to Become a Glamour Model and Find Work

  • Esther O'Leary

If you have a great body and the confidence to show it off with some sexy poses then you may want to know how to become a glamour model. Unlike high fashion modelling, there are no height or weight restrictions making this a popular and lucrative choice for voluptuous girls and gorgeous guys over the age of 18 years.

To make it as a successful glamour model you will need to be comfortable showing off most or all of your body in revealing lingerie and swimwear and may even be expected to pose nude or semi-nude.

When working in the glamour modelling industry the focus tends to be on your face and body, making the most of your sex appeal to sell a product or service. Opportunities are diverse and could include posing for calendars, lads mags, online retailers and even advertising adult products.

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If you want find work as a glamour model, follow our top tips:

Find out More About the Glamour Modelling Industry

Do some research to help you decide how much flesh you are prepared to bare before you starting going along to castings. Identify glamour models you admire and look at the kind of work they do, the way they pose and the photographers they work with. You will find glamour models in lad mags such as Playboy and newspapers like the Daily Star.

Prepare Your Glamour Portfolio

Whether you work freelance or choose to sign with a reputable modelling agency, you will need to invest in a professional portfolio. A photographer will understand how to capture your look in the most flattering way. UK Models can help you create a selection of flattering images that you can use to show an agent or casting director how great your body looks in pictures whilst giving them a clear idea of the kind of work you are willing to do. They can also offer advice on finding a good quality modelling agency.


Get Online

This is especially important if you are planning on working solo on a freelance basis. The internet can be a good place to find work, from setting up your own model website and connecting with potential clients on social media, through to registering with reputable model casting websites. Avoid rogues eager to exploit new models by treating all online enquiries with caution. Check references and credentials before you agree to any work opportunities, and agree payment terms up front.

Know Your Terms

Be clear about the kind of work you are willing to undertake and the terms under which you will work. For example, if you don’t want to pose nude state this from the outset and stick to it. Similarly if you want to insist on always taking a chaperone along to jobs then mention this up front. Reputable clients and modelling agencies should not have a problem with this. Find out if you will be working with other professional models during the shoot and if they are male or female. Don’t be afraid to say no or feel pressurised into doing anything you are unhappy with on the day.

Glamour modelling can be fun and profitable. However, remember you will need to have a thick skin and strong personality if you are to be able to maintain a long term career.


Know the Difference

Modelling for men’s magazines is extremely different to being a lingerie model for the likes of Victoria’s Secret. Yes, you will have to strip down to your underwear as a lingerie model but the poses are completely different. An underwear model’s purpose is to sell the product of a designer or brand. However, a glamour model’s poses are much more provocative to seduce the reader. Think Page 3 and Playboy models. Both take great confidence and body awareness, which with modelling experience becomes easier over time. Before you start modelling decide which area you feel comfortable with as impressions stick and images are never truly deleted.

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