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What Do Models Weigh? Does It Matter?

  • Amy Bebbington

What do models weigh is a question that is asked by loads of aspiring models across the board. When asking such broad questions, it’s important not to get caught up in a spiral of dangerous eating habits or other seriously negative attitudes which can lead to problems along the way. That said, it is important to recognise that the modelling world can be competitive, and so in order to take part in some kinds of modelling, you will actually have to conform to a certain weight. Don’t worry – there are still plenty of kinds of modelling you can get involved in though, regardless of your size.

What Do Models Weigh To Be On The Catwalk?

Catwalk modelling is where the notoriously slim models that we’ve all seen and perhaps even envied appear most often. Whilst conscious efforts have been made in recent years to ensure that they are still at a healthy weight, it’s important to note that when it comes to women on the catwalk in particular, they’re still at the lower end of the BMI spectrum, which isn’t ideal for a lot of body shapes.

what do models weigh?

Most estimates say that catwalk models are between 90lbs and 120lbs. Now, when you consider that most girls who model on the catwalk are taller, and between 5’8 and 5’11, this puts them at a weight which may sometimes be a bit risky.

Some girls are naturally slimmer, but others face pressures from their agency to lose more weight to be catwalk ready. Whilst weight loss in itself is fine, you should never put your body under unnecessary strains or pressures, particularly when you’re under 18 and still developing!

What Do Models Weigh To Be Considered Plus Size?

Plus size modelling – as the name implies – allows women to be a larger size whilst modelling than conventional modelling has previously allowed. It recognises that the shapes of women who are involved with fashion either directly or indirectly are varied, and so there should be better representation out there.

Most plus size models start at a size 12, but there are some who are even as small as a size 10. There is often some controversy in the plus size world that women who are a normal size are being labelled as ‘plus’, which has backlash from both bigger and smaller girls.

There are plenty of great plus sized models out there, however, so whether you’re curvy or simply bigger boned, there may well be opportunities out there for you.


What Do Models Weigh In Between?

Some models may not be small enough for the catwalk, but not big enough for plus size. The fact is that not everyone can be a successful model, and it’s not always about weight. It’s an industry with pre-existing set conventions. Girls who are in between unfortunately do have to consider making changes at times – it’s an industry that rarely changes for people, people have to change for the industry! However, with that said, it’s becoming more inclusive. You shouldn’t give up on your dream, if you’ve got the right attributes in other respects. Weight is only one part of the aesthetic puzzle!

Another scenario is that models may do a kind of modelling which isn’t really dependent on size, for example glamour modelling or modelling of a particular body part. What do models weigh in those

cases? The answer is that weight isn’t really a focus there, but there are other considerations and boxes you’d have to tick for those kinds, too.

What do models weigh in your experiences? Do you think the industry should change or do you think it’s great the way it is? Let us know in the comments!

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