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Walk In Model Agency London Discussed

  • Amy Bebbington

A walk in at a London model agency allows for new faces to be judged by an establishment on an ad hoc basis. Modelling agencies set a block of time daily for potential models to be seen by experts and discover if the company can help them further. It is a great way to be seen by a model agency although the interaction will be short and quick.

If successful the walk in meeting may be the beginning of a long career. London is populated with agencies that will host walk in appointments and the competition is tough. The capital has a huge amount of new faces hoping to be signed to a model agency and therefore, you will have to stand out amongst many rivals.

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Check the Walk in Times

It is important to find out the times in which agencies set aside to see aspiring models as agents are extremely busy. Employees of a modelling agency will have a schedule to follow and therefore, simply turning up at a convenient time for you will not work. It will be a wasted trip and you will be turned away and asked to come back at a different time. Modelling agencies usually state the allotted times on their website so it is essential that you check this previously to avoid making an unnecessary journey. Following the correct procedures of the agency will make better use of your time.


Make a Great First Impression

Do remember that due to the high number of attendees and the busy work schedules of the agents you will only have a quick slot to impress. Their attitude may be strict and their comments may feel unnecessarily harsh. It is important to not become too disappointed by the approach as it is simply one agencies opinion and they will have a certain type of look that they are searching for.

Be prepared as the agency may want to take a quick head shot or a few body shots to look at on a later date. This is a good sign as it means that they are interested in you. Follow their direction and stand tall with confidence. Maybe practice having a head shot taken to avoid feeling nervous when the time comes. These snap shots may be the ticket to the start of your career with the agency. Make sure you apply minimal make up to show your natural beauty.

Remember these organisations may cast for designers such as YSL, Dolce & Gabbana or Moschino and top magazines such as Vogue. They are pressured to find the ‘next big thing.’ The next Kate Moss if you like – if that’s possible. Just because one organisation is not willing to take a chance or see potential in you, doesn’t mean that another won’t. Therefore, act with a professional, friendly attitude. Thank them for their time as the industry is a small place and your paths may cross once again.


Be Patient

It is most likely that there may be a long line to wait to be seen so control your nerves. Take a book to read or music to listen to yet do not become too distracted on the task in hand. A confident individual who presents themselves in a positive way is very much desired. Remember the short time frame in which to make a good impression will pass quickly. You need to deliver yourself in a positive light.

Keep Your Options Open

Ensure that you keep your options open and attend numerous walk in’s. Pinning your hopes on one agency may leave you disappointed if they reject you. Simply research into modelling agencies that you wish to be represented by and make a list of their walk in times.

Take your time and visit each agency within their allotted time. Do not rush and try and squeeze all agencies in at the same day. This may provide added stress and leave you feeling worn out and deflated. Set an achievable and realistic goal for the day and then assess the situation and make a play going forward. Walk in model agency London may ask for your details. They will contact you on a later date when is convenient for the agency.


Apply Online

It is worthwhile making the effort as hoping a model scout will spot you at a festival is wishful thinking. Although, this does happen and model scouts do attend festivals it is unwise to pin all your hopes on this. If a walk in does not sound appealing many hopefuls apply to a modelling agency online.

Fill out the application form and attach the appropriate images. This may be body shots, head shots or portfolio images. The agency will usually state their preference. Once they receive the application data, the London agent will make a decision and contact you if successful. Of course search for a variety of modelling agencies and apply to all those that appeal to you. This will increase your chances. Top agencies such as Storm Models and Models 1 are well known internationally. They are most likely a great place to start.

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