Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Female Model?

  • Amy Bebbington

A female model is a term given to individuals over the age of 18 who pose and strut for a living. Many hopefuls strive to become a successful model and pursue the dream as a full time career. The profession is extremely competitive especially for this gender yet there are many resources and routes to take to support an individuals plight.

Do you have what it takes to become a model? Let’s take a look.

How to Become a Female model

Those wishing to pursue a modelling career is required to have passion and drive to ensure that they can kick start their own journey. If you choose to have an agency as representation or opt for the freelance route you will have to be enthusiastic and motivated to secure roles and become noticed in the modelling scene.

Very rarely will experts approach you without a lot of effort and persistence from your part. A few top models have been scouted whilst at a festival, tube station or cafe yet most have to work hard to see their career unfold.


The Industry Demands Flexibility

Modelling is not a full time 9-5 occupation. Even the most successful beauties such as Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn have to work evenings and weekends without taking a day off after 5 days.

It is important to be flexible and take work when it appears, which will usually not run in a organised schedule. Therefore, it is important to be prepared at a moments notice and flexible to avoid saying no too regularly. Making connections and a great first impression will allow for models to secure reoccurring work with the same employees, which will make the uncertainty less intimidating and worrying.

Models are required to work long shifts with early starts and late finishes. It is hard work and requires individuals who have stamina. Roles are demanding and the need for models to remain strong and deliver on the day is high.

Sleep deprivation can make it difficult to function yet eating well and exercising regularly will help to keep your energy levels up. Also, the more experience of rising early and finishing late will allow for your body to adjust and get used to these long hours. Therefore, do not be misled to believe that modelling is an easy career choice as it is far from the truth.


How to Deal with Rejection

Unfortunately the modelling industry is rife with rejection and sometimes harsh criticism yet it is important to remain positive to succeed. Take the comments as a tool to improve and do not focus on too much on the negative points.

Remember the remarks are delivered from that individual which will not be the opinion of all other experts in the industry. Persistence is key to continue with your career excepting every opportunity with enthusiasm and a smile.

Confidence Is Key

It is important to possess self assurance in your appearance and body to perform amazingly well at a shoot. The main factor that will build confidence is to exercise regularly and eat healthily. By creating a toned physique and ensuring that you consume nutritious foods washed down with water will have a positive impact on your self esteem and figure. Shy models do not usually succeed since working with new people is a regular occurrence. 


How Tall Should a Female Model be?

High fashion demands girls of 5’9”-5’11”. Height is extremely important on the runway and in ad campaigns. However, the commercial industry works a little differently with slightly shorter models hired for photoshoots.

It does depend what niche you are working in as petite, fitness and glamour modelling is not so focused on height.

How Much Do Female Models Make?

Fashion is one of the few industries where male models do not earn as much as women. It has been reported that men earn 75% less than a woman due to the female fashion industry bringing in such a higher revenue overall.

Rates of pay can vary with high profile models earning significantly more than an emerging model. Also, campaign shoots offer a higher sum than catwalk shows, which can result in working a lot of hours for very little.

Watch out for either being paid in clothes, agencies taking a large percentage, expenses to cover and working for free. Make sure you are aware of the terms before signing the contract. Initially, you may need the experience but there does become a cut off point where payment is needed.

Since, most models would rather cash for their time as the designer dress excitement will start to fade. The Insta-it-list do still need to pay their bills and eat while looking fabulous.

Head over to our blog post where we delve deeper into a models earnings further.


Who Are the Top Female Models of the Moment?

Fashion is fleeting with girls stepping in and out of the limelight. Some are lucky to remain current season after season yet others fall prey to the fickleness of the industry. New faces constantly emerge to keep the scene new, fresh and exciting with model scouts always on the look out. Let’s take a look at the fashionable models of the moment.

Gigi Hadid

The beauty is everywhere! Her high profile relationship with Zayn Malik and her 35 million Instagram followers puts her in the spotlight. She’s the girl that everyone wants to be and has graced the cover of French, Italian, American and British Vogue.

Jasmine Tookes

The Victoria’s Secret Angel, Jasmine Tookes loves her role with the lingerie brand. She has worked extremely hard to get to this level. She loves to travel although she does miss her loved ones. From modelling their sports collection and fragrance, she is the gorgeous face of the brand.

Barbara Palvin

Discovered on the streets of Budapest in 2006, Hungarian model, Barbara Palvin is the face of L’Oreal Paris and advertises for Chanel. Her favourite thing about modelling is travel to different places, experience different cultures and people.

Taylor Hill

It seems she is the girl who loves to make people laugh, especially herself! Taylor became a Victoria’s Secret Angel last year, which has encouraged her to have her voice in the industry. Recently, she has modelled for Karl Lagerfeld alongside her sister, Mackinley.

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