Size 22 Models Do Not Promote Obesity

  • Amy Bebbington

Size 22 models do exist in the modelling industry with an aim to inspire curvaceous women. The likes of Tess Holliday demonstrate that a fuller figure is not shameful yet should be celebrated and witnessed in a diverse industry. Frustrated with the modelling world and its favouritism towards tall, slim models, voluptuous individuals have fought back. Challenging ideals and perceptions, plus size women have made a mark on the industry. Ashley Graham continually fights for her beliefs through body positivity. However, this success does not come without criticism and judgement from prejudice individuals. Unfortunately, many size 22 models have received harsh words deeming them promoters of obesity.


The most recent scandal is the Facebook page that drastically photoshopped images of plus size models to a slimmer version of themselves with hurtful captions. Claiming that the cruel actions were to ensure that slim women felt beautiful after an overwhelmingly positive reception towards fuller figures is a completly bizarre motive. The online group named Operation Harpoon, disrespected models, celebrities and members of the public that didn’t meet their standards. The humiliating images caused outrage resulting in the social media page being taken down along with the sister company Project Harpoon. The online group unnecessarily caused hurt as the message that slim figures are desirable too was not received. Instead models were attacked for the way they look and shown their appearance after dramatic alteration. If the group solely wanted to promote slim physiques a different method would have been adopted.


The introduction of size 22 models in the industry is not to advertise obesity and encourage individuals to increase their weight. Their purpose is to demonstrate that all figures, shapes and sizes are beautiful and should be celebrated. The industry need to present a diverse range of physiques to increase self esteem and confidence amongst society. Many models and body activists are campaigning for a modelling world that does not focus on one type of physique yet a series of different shapes and heights. The fight is making a difference and will receive criticism from those who do not like change.

As a plus size model it is still important to eat nutritiously and exercise regularly. The aim is not to loose weight but to tone and remain healthy. Curvaceous models do not promote eating a bad diet yet encourage to look after and love yourself. Every individual should aim to have a nutritious, balanced diet and partake in some kind of exercise to provide your body with what it needs. They in no way are saying that everyone should eat junk food and put on weight. Their goal is for everyone to love their bodies. A far cry from the message at the moment to eat less to reach a dangerously, excruciatingly thin measurement.

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