Plus Size Modelling Poses Are Challenged

  • Amy Bebbington

Plus size modelling poses are usually lean and sleek due to confidence, body awareness and an excellent posture. Many avoid causing any rippling or unflattering poses as the fashion industry demands to witness perfection. Therefore, well rehearsed positions are adopted with a straight posture, shoulders rolled back and head held high to proportion the body in the correct way.


However, have you seen Amy Schumer’s pose for the new Pirelli Calendar? She certainly didn’t follow any rules and guidelines allowing for the world to see her natural self!!! Shocked? So are we!!!!!

The Pirelli Calendar typically opts for supermodels wearing very little to create striking, provocative artistry. However, the 2016 version takes a new direction finding inspiration in strong women who – wait for it – are mostly fully clothed!!! It is a celebration of women’s achievements, intelligence and voice – the concept that women should be defined for more than their body shapes; deserve more than to pose for a calendar to be ogled at by the male gender. Photographer Annie Leibovitz, captures athlete Serena Williams (April), artist Patti Smith (November) and writer Tavi Gevinson (August) – to name a few – following a brief to provide ‘something different.’ She certainly did!!!

Following the brief to not ‘look like they tried in these pictures.’ Amy Schumer perches on a stool with a Starbuck’s in hand wearing nothing but a pair of lace knickers, strappy high heels and a look on her face that suggests ‘ready yet?’ Her blasé attitude was adopted to her body too as she openly shows how naturally the torso sits when hunched ever so slightly; a realistic interpretation that women can relate to rather than a forced pose. Don’t you think? The comedian purposely chose to take off her clothes as an ironic gesture yet grasped the concept perfectly understanding the idea behind the calendar. Leibovitz initially was worried for Amy asking ‘Are you self-conscious?’ Her reply was the perfect response and an attitude that should be adopted by more women across the globe ‘Are you kidding? I love my body.’ Amy is trying to demonstrate that no ones body is perfect as the fashion images lead us to believe and if almost anyone chooses to sit in a natural position the body will move accordingly.

Amy continues to tweet: “Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman. Thank you.” – a series of words that individuals may use to describe her body. Amy realises how others may view her physique but her perception of herself is the most important. It is her way of helping others feel more comfortable and secure in their bodies. She doesn’t typically have the figure of a ‘supermodel’ and is not forcing her physique to look perfect yet her body is beautiful, feminine and sexy as she reveals her natural self.

Do you think Amy’s approach to the Pirelli Calendar will change the perception of plus size modelling poses? Maybe one day the label will be removed altogether and Amy’s slim, natural physique will be the norm in the modelling industry rather than segregated in a small niche.

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