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  • Amy Bebbington

Sign up to be a model to ignite your career and live your dream. The first step to take on your journey is to apply to an agency, school or modelling support service. By acting productively you will begin to feel as though you are making progress and working towards your goal. Remaining daunted and scared to make that initial move is understandable yet will not help in the long run. Feeling as though you are looking towards the future and acting accordingly will give you motivation to realise your dream whereas putting off castings, meetings and applications will make you feel uninspired, lethargic and pessimistic about your career ahead. Only you can shape your future so go ahead and make the necessary moves. All models who work for the likes of Dior, Alexander McQueen or Chanel have braved the world of castings, applications and rejection at some point – you are not alone.

sign up to be a model

Take Each Day As It Comes

Try not to let your mind runaway into a world of worry, negativity and uncertainty. Each day is a new start, as they say so truly believe this mantra. Wake up looking forward to the day ahead and what you will achieve rather than reliving the past. Ask yourself – what are you going to do today to achieve your dream? How many applications will you fill out to help you to sign up to be a model.

I am a self confessed worrier and in the past could easily work myself into a frenzy putting myself down in the process. I have learnt how to stop over obsessing by taking each day in my stride working hard to achieve my goal.

sign to be a model

Set A Goal

Make your mission to sign up to be a model to be a structured operation to avoid becoming overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Write a list to organise your time efficiently yet be realistic. Aim to work towards your goal a little each day to break it down into manageable chunks. This may be filling out applications, researching potential opportunities or enquiring about a course yet once ticked off the list you will feel much better about the situation and the progress you gave made.

Each week I write a list of what I need to achieve stating each task no matter how small. When I have completed the requirement I scribble out the point, which makes me feel a whole lot better about the work I have to achieve that week.

sign up to be a model

Don’t Give Up

At times the process involved to sign up to be a model can be infuriating, upsetting and long winded yet it is the nature of life and the profession. Remember you only get out what you put in. Persistence and hard work will be rewarded eventually so don’t give into rejection and silence.

Over the years I have applied for countless jobs. Some I have heard back from where others I haven’t. The fashion industry is a difficult world to enter yet with time professionals will give you a chance and allow for you to build experience by witnessing you talent. Unfortunately, some are too busy to see your potential yet stay strong as, trust me, your time will come with acceptance and persistence.

What tips do you have in regards to signing up for modelling? Share your secrets!

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