Plus Size Catwalk Models at NYFW

  • Amy Bebbington

Plus size catwalk models have been spotted on the New York Fashion Week runway thanks to Ashley Graham. It is not a regular occurrence to witness plus size models gracing the catwalk yet for her lingerie line the body activist makes a strong presence for plus size models. She sends an army of curvaceous physiques confidently walking down the runway wearing beautiful lingerie from Addition Elle. Ashley Graham designs for a Canadian brand that specialises in underwear for fuller figures and rightly so wanted to showcase her latest collection at the prestigious event. Claims are that history was made at New York Fashion Week with the catwalk show that presented an array of shapes and sizes rather than one body type that eliminates a wide scope of physiques.


Ashley Graham led the troop of gorgeous women ensuring that she appeared in the runway show herself as well as directing it. The collection carries the name of Black Orchid, which consists of luxurious lingerie that flatters and compliments the fuller physique. The line welcomes scrumptious blues, glamorous purples and seductive blacks in a range of bras, corsets and matching sets. Her design eye ensures that the models look sexy, seductive and sophisticated as they step out onto the runway. Incorporating lace lined satin bras, flattering yet sexy high waisted panties and structured corsets were met with admiring eyes; I’m sure from women who now can wear such luxurious pieces. Ashley understands how to make curvaceous women feel beautiful and sexy through lingerie as she herself desired to find underwear that flattered her figure yet struggled; the prime reason why she collaborated with Addition Elle and presented the exquisite result on the catwalk.

To promote the diversity of the catwalk attendees were encouraged to implement the positive hashtag #IAmSizeSexy in their social media posts. It is an encouraging hashtag that does not discriminate against any particular size yet celebrates the diverse shapes that make up the female population. Ashley has confidently shown that fuller figures are alluring, seductive and beautiful with her showcase combining beautiful designs with self assured women who are proud of their physiques and are not afraid to show it off on the catwalk. Ashley Graham is a bold, strong and inspirational woman who is not intimidated by the industry tradition of hiring the typical slim models. She wishes to present her ideal and vision of what the runway should look like and what better place than at New York Fashion Week for everyone to see. As a plus size model she is proud of her physique and intent on spreading the awareness and fighting the issues that present themselves in the industry.

Ashley comments: “We definitely still have more progress to make, but campaigns like this and #IAmSizeSexy are raising awareness for body diversity and continuing these great conversations.”

Do you think Ashley’s vision of seeing plus size catwalk models presented at fashion weeks become a regular reality? We will keep you informed!

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