Modelling Tips to Get You Started

  • Amy Bebbington

Modelling tips help hopefuls realise their dream by steering their focus in the correct direction. Many feel clueless when entering the competitive industry and seek guidance on the moves to make. Aspiring models should absorb all the modelling tips and resources available to position themselves in a good place.

Indulge in our top modelling tips to inspire you to make the right moves when starting your journey into the industry.

High Quality Photographs

Always aim for quality in regard to your photographs. Never accept a mediocre or amateur standard as these shots represent you as a model. Ensure that you are proud of your work before adding to your portfolio to induce confidence.

modelling tips

Perfect your Craft

No one is instantly perfect at posing or walking the catwalk without a stumble. It takes experience and practice to perfect your posing technique or model strut. Do not worry if it doesn’t come naturally test out poses in front of a mirror or friend until you are satisfied.


Think about where you are based. Do you have opportunities nearby to pursue? Your location is very important as large vibrant cities naturally breed a fashion community rather than small towns or villages. If you choose to live away from the city ensure that the capital or other cities are commutable.

Remain Positive

It is vital to be upbeat, enthusiasm and energy even when rejection constantly rears its ugly head. All models will experience criticism and knock backs as it is very much apart of the modelling industry. Those who can pick themselves up time and time again will survive.


Believe in Yourself

Confidence is an absolute must. A shy, timid character will not feel comfortable constantly working with new people, posing in front of a camera or walking out to an audience. Those who possess the self assurance will succeed by believing in their talent.

Trust No-one

Unfortunately, the competitive nature of the industry usually means that other models are your rivals. Initially, it is wise to not trust your competitors as it will be difficult to gauge if they are sincere and honest. After a while you will be able to make friends when you are more acquainted with individuals.

Do Not Give Up

Try no to quit at the first hurdle as you will end up full of regret. Give it your best shot and keep going as simply giving up is not the answer. Take some time to absorb the knock back and continue with confidence. Remember it is a difficult industry to break into so proceed steadily with dedication and commitment.

modelling tips

Attend Castings

Castings are a natural part of a models life. Attend as many as possible to guarantee success. Many will be unsuccessful whereas others will be fruitful so hang on in there. Arrive promptly and be prepare to wait your turn. A models daily routine will involve a lot of hanging around waiting for the make-up artist, photographer, designer etc. Take a book or listen to music to pass the time.

Do you have any other questions regarding entering the modelling industry? Please feel free to share your queries below.

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