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Modelling Portfolio Cost: The Truth

  • Amy Bebbington

The cost of a modelling portfolio is a concern for many models. They worry that their budget will not reach the amount required. Also, they are concerned that the establishment is not legit. Many can charge considerable amounts over what is expected. It is important to remember that your model portfolio is a reflection of your ability and should reach high standards yet not at dangerous costs. The modelling portfolio is a resource to showcase your talent to a potential agent, employer or client and is required to look professional and of a high quality.

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modelling portfolio cost

See It as an Investment

Look at the modelling portfolio cost as an investment into your career. £500 might seem like an absurd amount of money to cough up for a new model with little cash to spare yet the outcome will be worthwhile. As long as the deal includes high quality, professional photos you will see a return on your investment.

Employers such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi look to a modelling portfolio to determine whether or not you are suitable for the opportunity and therefore, has a significant part to play in your career. An amateur, unprofessional portfolio will not suffice in a competitive modelling world. Therefore, spending a small, manageable sum is advised.

The Cost of Facilities

When receiving quotes back from companies who specialise in supporting with modelling portfolios consider the amount each element would cost if done separately to determine if the figure is justifiable. A professional photographer, studio, lighting equipment, make up artists and hair stylists will need to be booked for a number of hours. Look into how much each of them costs separately to weigh up if you are being overcharged or, in fact, the amount is reasonable. Being knowledgeable in these areas is important to ensure that you are not fooled.

Is the Company Legit?

Research thoroughly into the company to truly understand if the establishment is legit. Make sure that the company is not taking your money without returning on their promise. Unfortunately, scam artists lurk in the modelling industry in hope of preying on young individuals and their naivety. It is easy for them to do so with the easy access and screen of the Internet. However, the resource can also highlight their misgivings. A crossed, angry model who has paid money with no result in return will go out of their way to express their experience. So ensure that you research fully before accepting.

modelling portfolio cost

Only Use Professional Photos

There are ways to spend less on professional portfolio content. The use of students and those fresh into the industry are willing to shoot images for free. Photographers, make up artists and hair stylists all need to build up their evidence of work. However, it’s essential that each creative works to a high standard to ensure the outcome is worthwhile to your modelling portfolio. Professionalism is key. Although saving money in the beginning can pay off, do not scrimp on the standard of the photographs.

The Photoshoot

When organising a photoshoot there are many things to consider to get the most out of the day. These images can be used in many different places such as social media accounts, composite cards and your website. Therefore, aspiring models need to consider the below points before organising the photoshoot.

  • Would you prefer a studio shoot or a location shoot?
  • A studio will need to be booked for the day. It takes surprisingly longer to set up than you think. Therefore, a good amount of studio time allows for you to take the images.
  • Think about outdoor locations that you would like to try but also consider the logistics. Weather, crowds and outfit changes could be tricky.
  • Consider the look that you wish to go for knowing the poses that you would like to try and the outfits that you want to shoot. Being organised will save you a lot of time on the day.
  • Make sure everyone knows the exact date and time to arrive to avoid any delays.

How Can UK Models Help?

As you know, we invite successful candidates to a photoshoot at our London studios where a hair stylist, make up artist and professional photographer are available to help you build a modelling portfolio without the hassle. Our portfolio packages allow for you to buy high quality photos to show model agencies and future clients in the hope of finding a job. Our photoshoot packages of high resolution images is the perfect way to create a professional portfolio. You do not have to organise the logistics yourself. Simply turn up at our studio with outfit changes and enjoy the ultimate modelling experience.

To register with us simply fill in your details and attach a few photographs. A member of our team will be in touch to let you know that you have been accepted. It’s really that simple.

What are your thoughts on the modelling portfolio costs? Did spending a manageable amount pay off for you?

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