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Modelling As A Student: Why Go There?

  • Claire Louise

Modelling as a student can be a great way to earn a bit of money whilst you’re struggling with a student loan, or even to gain a bit of experience and that golden CONFIDENCE which will get you everywhere!



How To Get Into Modelling As A Student

When you’re a student at a UK college or university, you have access to a lot of resources that other people might not. In fact, the world is your oyster, and this is a rather unique position to be in. Modelling as a student can be approached in a number of ways.

  • Contact the Fashion department. Fashion students often need models to showcase their collections for their end of term shows. It’s just a start, and you won’t be paid, but you’ll get the opportunity to walk the runway and really practice strutting your stuff. Don’t be afraid to ask the students questions. Learning about fashion is important if you want to take modelling seriously, and it’s great practice for the future. Talking about fashion with an air of knowledge will help you going forward.
  • Contact the Photography students. This is a great way to get your portfolio going. They may well require models regularly, so this is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both of you. You’ll get to keep the images, which you can then use to work your way up the ladder. Once you have these, don’t be afraid to showcase them.

Modelling As A Student

  • Use sites like PurplePort and ModelMayhem to work on collaborations with other photographers and models. You can start to build up and demonstrate your experience in this way for free!
  • Look on Gumtree and Indeed, or any student job postings boards. Small, independent clothing lines and other brands may be looking for inexperienced models on a TFP (Time For Print) basis. Modelling as a student may well start out as just a hobby, but after a while, unpaid jobs may reap financial rewards!
  • Be proactive. At student events or freshers fairs, or even on Facebook, approach everyone from student clothing lines to clubnights to see if they are looking for a new ‘face’ for their brand on promotional materials.
  • Sign up to promotional modelling agencies, or TV extra agencies. Whilst they’re not quite modelling agencies in the traditional sense, you might be able to earn some easy money promoting products whilst looking amazing, or taking on a background role in a TV show. This all goes towards experience of a modelling career!

modelling careers

How Can Modelling As A Student Help In Your General Life?

This is a broad question and it really depends on what it is that you want to do. However, modelling as a student will give you confidence, and might actually help with any body confidence issues you have as you realise that anyone can at least give it a try! It will also give you experience in working long and hard hours. You’ll meet new people, and you may even get to travel!

Modelling As A Student

Plus, you shouldn’t forget that juggling modelling with your studies shows that you can multi-task. Having a passion outside of your student life shows that you’re a versatile person who can handle different things at once. Plus, it may even set you up for a career someday – either in modelling itself, or in a fashion role of some other description.

Have you considered modelling as a student? Perhaps you’ve tried it? We’d love to know how you went about it in the comments section!

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