Model Agencies Manchester: Who Are They?

  • Claire Louise

Model agencies Manchester are out there, if you know where to look. One thing that you should never do as a male or female model is to tie yourself into something geographically; you should always be prepared to literally broaden your horizons location wise. Saying that, starting out it can be much better to go local. If you’re based in Manchester, going for initial meetings can be easier in Manchester itself.

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So, which model agencies are located in the city? Here’s a list to start:

There are plenty more model agencies in Manchester, but these are a good place to start. Some agencies accept models through speculative applications, whilst many do not. However, it’s always worth looking through the websites and the books of the model agencies to get an idea what they’re looking for (or alternatively, what they may be missing). It’s important to also note any requirements – it may well be that there are height expectations or even restrictions on age. Unfortunately, in this industry that’s normal, but if none of the model agencies can help you out, perhaps some elsewhere will be able to.

Be Prepared to Travel the UK

We’re in a pretty unique position in the UK in that the country is incredibly small. You can get from North to South in a matter of hours, and as the commercial and fashion hub is in London, you can get from Manchester very quickly. In fact, it takes less than 2.5 hours on the train!

You will most likely travel to London regularly for modelling assignments such as meetings with casting directors, photoshoots or runway shows. Therefore, it is important to be prepared to get up early to catch your train. We’re talking early hours of the morning and arriving home very late. You may have to book a hotel to stay at if you don’t have friends who live there and you have work the next day. Not only is this exhausting but it is expensive too. Before you agree, it is important to ask your model agency who is paying for the travel and accommodation. This will avoid a hefty bill or a reduction from your pay.


Many London based companies have a sister agency in cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham to find new faces. This way they have most of the UK covered. You may have to visit the capital for castings held in London. A models daily life consists of casting after casting so this could become very inconvenient especially if they wish to see you quickly. You might miss your time slot and there are many new faces eager to take your place. It may be time to move to the capital.

The Fashion Industry Is Spreading

These days, the North is becoming an important place to be though, so you shouldn’t write it off. For example, for financial reasons, a lot of companies and even the BBC have moved up to Manchester! Model agencies in the North West region are growing in size and reputation, and so there’s no need to consider a move to the capital.

A Manchester model agency may well be the place where you get your start. Try to be as professional as possible whilst approaching them. This may simply be applying online by filling in the application form and attaching a head shot or recent professional images. You may prefer to attend a walk in session held for female models to get a straight forward answer then and there as a busy model agency will not reply to unsuccessful candidates. If accepted, as a new Manchester model you may be asked to go on a model training day. Absorb every detail so that you look professional and serious about your career.

Remember that not everyone gets their big break by applying directly. You might not even hear anything back, which can be incredibly frustrating. However, good or bad, applying to model agencies will undoubtedly give you more experience and you’ll know what to do for next time.

Good luck!

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