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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Model?

  • Amy Bebbington

What it takes to be a model is analysed by thousands of hopefuls striving to carve a successful career in the industry. Castings, castings and yes, more castings are what it takes to be a model! It’s true. If you do not have the patience, drive and persistence to continually attend model auditions, the likelihood of success is extremely low. Designers and brands such as Stella McCartney, Dior and Chloe regularly host castings to source talent suitable for their show. It is the perfect way to locate potential and for emerging models to begin their journey. It is not an easy process yet models are required to attend as many as possible to literally get their face seen.


Designers will be looking for a confident and controlled walk. You will be dismissed instantly if your strut is not to a high standard. Practice, practice, practice – and practice some more to ensure that your model walk is perfected. A fierce, strong strut with your head held high will demonstrate your self assurance in your talent. Do not fade into the background with a timid, shy walk. Stand out from the crowd.



Your attitude and personality is also very important. A cool, happy vibe is desired as designers will respond to your presence and hire you. Enthusiasm and energy is vital to your success showing the organisers the attitude you will bring to the catwalk show or photoshoot. Let’s face it no one wants to work with a frowning, moody model all day.


Castings involve a lot of waiting around until it is your turn to deliver. Keep yourself occupied and upbeat by preparing fully. Bring a book/mag, listen to music or practice to avoid becoming frustrated. Also, pack water and a snack in case you begin to feel hungry as fainting in the middle of your audition is not ideal.


Remember to have fun and embrace the opportunity. Balance your emotions to ensure that you take the casting seriously yet also enjoy the experience. Coming across worried and concerned all the time will not help your chance. Show the designers your passion and love of modelling through a happy, enthusiastic demeanour.



There is no getting around the fact that you will be judged on the day. Yet, try to not become too focused on this aspect as it will drive you crazy. If you do not get the casting accept that this opportunity wasn’t right for you and move on to the next one. The designers will of course evaluate your suitability for the role as this is the whole point of the casting.


With experience you will learn to control your nerves. It is natural to feel anxious as your turn approaches yet try to turn this nervous energy into confidence. Believe in yourself and your talent to avoid the nerves taking over and hindering your performance. The more castings you attend the more you will be able to embrace the nerves. It is a natural feeling that every model experiences yet has to overcome in time.

So. Do you have what it takes to be a model? Can you stomach the amount of castings you will ultimately have to attend? 

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