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Is There A Place for Plus Size Glamour Models?

  • Amy Bebbington

Plus size glamour models is a desirable niche within the industry as the demand for a fuller figure is high. It is vital that individuals who fit into the category are confident in their curvaceous physique as the niche is recognised for exposing flesh. Wearing provocative lingerie and posing in a seductive way is vital to the success of plus size glamour models. A shy individual who tends to hide their figure behind oversized clothing will not be suitable for the part. It is essential that you are fully aware of the niche you are hoping to enter and the differences between the underwear and glamour industry.

Plus size glamour models

Lingerie brands such as Chantelle and Fantasy Lingerie will seek plus size models to promote their underwear designs whereas glamour modelling is used for magazines and websites for the male gender to admire. Many men find the fuller figure attractive (and rightly so) and therefore will seek images of plus size models wearing sexy lingerie and posing in a seductive way. It is therefore, worthwhile considering whether you are comfortable presenting your female form in this light and to be captured within this specialism. Once you gain a reputation within glamour modelling it is very difficult to change how professionals perceive you. If your shots are posted online or in print it is hard to remove these completely from the platform and your association linked to them. Therefore, it is vital that you are certain that glamour modelling is the niche you wish to pursue. Do not be intimidated or pressured into a decision by others, it is your personal decision on how you wish to present your body in the media.

Plus size glamour models

Body awareness and a flawless complexion are essential in the glamour modelling industry. Creating strong lines and attractive poses is vital to your success as appearing topless or wearing little clothing is a daily occurrence for successful glamour models. Eating healthily and drinking plenty of water is a great way of creating glowing healthy skin that will translate well through the camera lens. With a high exposure of skin it is vital to present a toned figure through a workout regime that enhances your frame. The aim is keep your curves as the niche requires a fuller physique but presented in a high standard. Forming a workout plan, beauty regime and a nutritious diet will show your dedication, determination and ambition to become a glamour model in the plus size sector.

Many plus size models possess confidence and a high self esteem, which has developed through the fight for acceptance within the industry. Critics can judge and state cruel remarks regarding weight and size yet plus size models have had to build a strong wall to ignore the jibes and pursue your dream. To then move into the glamour plus size industry and remove clothing is a very courageous move for individuals and only for those who are self assured and will not let the hurtful remarks affect them negatively. It is healthy for society to see fuller figures within the media to demonstrate that voluptuous figures can carve out a successful career too within the niche they wish to enter. If glamour modelling is for you then it is important to build confidence working with new people and comfortable posing nude oozing sex appeal, which does come with experience and an inner high self esteem and view of yourself.

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